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Center for Ethics and Religion

Educating and Creating Understanding 

The mission of the Center for Ethics and Religion is to educate and create interfaith understanding - through dialogue - amongst the Queens community and the broader community on ethics and religion, paying particular attention to the intersection of those two aspects of our lives. From poverty to the care of the planet, from global conflicts to local policy, the Center for Ethics and Religion probes questions of value and meaning through a series of speakers and other events.

The Center seeks to embody the Presbyterian tradition of "Thinking the Faith."  At the same time, the Center is open to the insights and traditions of other faith communities and other visions of the good life.

Suzanne Henderson

Suzanne Watts Henderson, Ph.D., Director of the Center for Ethics and Religion

In the process of dialogue, both the presenters and the audiences have the potential to learn and to be transformed in their thoughts and actions.  All programs of the center will follow the ethical foundations of dialogue, especially being willing to listen to other views and being open to the truth that comes from the dialogue.

Both ethics and religion lie at the heart of a Queens education. Through opportunities for service learning across all disciplines and an active Chapel and religious life, we not only educate students who will do well, but we also cultivate in them a passion to do good. 

Queens University of Charlotte has an important presence in the Charlotte community as an educational resource, and the Center for Ethics and Religion seeks to both deepen and broaden Queens' service to the community.

Eboo Patel

Eboo Patel, president of Interfaith Youth Core and a member of President Barack Obama’s inaugural Advisory Council on Faith-Based Neighborhood partnerships, meets with students prior to his campus lecture.

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