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Digital Charlotte

Promoting Digital Literacy in the Charlotte Community

Launched in 2011, Digital Charlotte is based on the premise that digital literacy skills are instrumental to creating educational and economic opportunities for all. Digital Charlotte provides digital inclusion news, resources and community opportunities for organizations to deliver into their communities. The site serves as a virtual gathering place for community organizations, such as the schools, the libraries, city government, local industry and local community service providers.

The center was developed as a component in the Queens Knight School’s Master Plan to strengthen digital and media literacy in Charlotte.

Field Guide

Digital Charlotte offers tutorials about using the internet and digital devices, ranging from basic knowledge to advanced skills. These tutorials--created to expand digital literacy--include internet searches, online security, email usage and utilizing cloud storage and documents.

Community Resources

Digital Charlotte has created a Community Resource Database that connects users with national education and training resources, as well as local training and education resources. Users can find options for low-cost internet access and low-cost digital devices, as well as organizations that offer coding education, media literacy and software tutorials.

Digital Charlotte is developing a public map to all the free, open Wi-Fi networks in Charlotte. In conjunction with the Knight School of Communication, the center has also developed a digital literacy index to track the community's digital literacy development. 

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For more information, visit the Digital Charlotte website, and check out the Digital Charlotte Facebook page.

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