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First Round of Interviews Complete

October 26, 2018

To the Queens Community:

In my September message, I promised to provide you an update after the first round of interviews. Things have moved very quickly and I am eager to share these latest developments.

The Presidential Search Committee read through hundreds of applications with our search firm – Storbeck, Pimentel & Associates – and narrowed the candidate pool to 13.  This group was a mix of candidates from inside and outside the academy. In reading the applications, we kept in mind the qualities, skills and experiences you have told us are important such as integrity, humility, having a sense of humor; the ability to set a vision and execute a strategic plan; an understanding of higher education in the 21st century; and an appreciation for values and culture that makes Queens special.

Thorough background checks including social media scans were performed on all candidates before we met with them. The Presidential Search Committee divided into two groups for interviewing in order to avoid group think. Each candidate was interviewed twice over a two-day period. The team deliberated, cast some rounds of straw votes and then deliberated some more. We then narrowed the candidates to five – two men and three women. That’s where we are now.

Our search firm and Presidential Search Committee members are working together as partners to call the references of these five candidates. We think it’s important that all members of the committee hear the conversations firsthand. Once all of the calls have been completed, we will interview the five candidates again and then narrow the field to the top two. We hope to have this work completed before the end of the calendar year. Once the final two candidates are identified, they will meet with a very small group of Queens representatives, and everyone who meets with them will sign a confidentiality agreement. We have worked hard to keep this a closed search in order to protect our candidates along the way.

We hope to make an announcement by early next semester. Know that we are very encouraged by the caliber of applicants we have interviewed and will continue to work hard to find the best person to serve as Queens’ next president.

Michael Marsicano
Chair, Presidential Search Committee