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Board of Trustees

A Message from the Chair

Jeff Brown, Chair of the Queens University of Charlotte Board of Trustees.

Jeff Brown, MBA '03, Chair of the Queens University of Charlotte Board of Trustees

As an alumni of Queens University of Charlotte, it is a true honor for me to serve as Chair of its Board of Trustees. Our Board is comprised of a diverse group of dedicated business, civic, and community leaders from across the United States who stand ready to support President Daniel Lugo and our outstanding faculty and staff who are committed to excellence and to promoting life-long learning among our students, alumni and greater Charlotte community. Since 1857, Queens has built upon a strong foundation that continues to drive its success—a Presbyterian heritage, an award-winning faculty, and an innovative curriculum that includes a wide array of creative and unique programs. Queens’ picturesque campus is located in one of the most exciting cities in the U.S., making it attractive to the best and brightest students from around the nation and world.

Expanding relevant academic offerings and programs, supporting faculty development, and creating even more rewarding and engaging experiences for our students inside and outside of the classroom are just a few of our goals. Queens makes an immeasurable impact as it enhances the intellectual, economic and cultural fabric of our city and region, and our trustees are committed to further expanding that reach. I speak from personal experience – my Queens education has been instrumental in my success and development over the years, and the connections I’ve made and continue to make are invaluable. I encourage you to explore what's happening on our campus, the difference our students and alumni are making in the world around them, and just how exciting and rewarding your involvement can be here at Queens.

Go, Royals!

Jeff Brown (JB), MBA '03

2020-2021 Board of Trustees

Board Officers

Jeffrey J. Brown (JB) MBA ‘03
Chair, Board of Trustees
Ally Financial Inc.
Home: Charlotte, NC

Jesse J. Cureton MBA '02
Vice Chair, Board of Trustees
Executive Vice President and Chief Consumer Officer
Novant Health
Home: Charlotte, NC

Michael C. Tarwater
Immediate Past Chair, Board of Trustees
Director & Senior Advisor
The Leon Levine Foundation and
Retired President & CEO
Carolinas HealthCare System (now Atrium Health)
Home: Charlotte, NC

Jan Hall Brown '73, MBA '84
Secretary, Board of Trustees
Former Real Estate Professional
Bissell-Hayes Realtors
Home: Charlotte, NC

Tanya Blackmon, MBA '00
Executive Vice President and Chief Diversity Officer
Novant Health
Home: Charlotte, NC

Deborah Butler Bryan '68
Former Real Estate Professional
Home: Palm Coast, FL

Titi Cole
Head of Global Operations and Fraud Prevention
Home: Charlotte, NC

Christine Louttit Crowder ‘82
Community Leader
Home: Charlotte, NC

L. Watts Hamrick III
Pamlico Capital
Home: Charlotte, NC

Christie Hunt RN, BSN ’92, MSN ‘05
Former Associate Director
National Cardiovascular Data Registry
Home: Charlotte, NC

David Jones
Founder and Former CEO, and Chairman
Peak 10
Home: Charlotte, NC

Thomas “T.J.” Lewis ‘97
Director of Supplier Diversity
Home: Charlotte, NC

Elizabeth W. Martin
Elizabeth Martin Consulting
Home: Brooklyn, NY

Susan McConnell '83, MS '13
Director of Higher Education | Director of Human Resources
The Duke Endowment
Home: Charlotte, NC

J. Michael "Mike" McGuire
CEO Emeritus
Grant Thornton LLP
Home: Charlotte, NC

Katherine "Katie" Belk Morris
Board Member
The Belk Foundation
Home: Charlotte, NC

Michael W. Murphy II ‘95
Broker and Realtor
Dickens Mitchener Residential Real Estate
Home: Charlotte, NC

Janet Preyer Nelson ‘77
Board Member
Mary Norris Preyer Foundation
Home: Charlotte, NC

Bailey W. Patrick
Managing Partner
Merrifield Patrick Vermillion LLC
Home: Charlotte, NC

Brandon D. Perry
Highmarket Properties
Home: Charlotte, NC

Elizabeth Hunter Persson ‘00
Former Executive Vice President of Human Capital
Red Ventures
Home: Charlotte, NC

Larry Polsky
Senior Program Officer
The Leon Levine Foundation
Home: Charlotte, NC

Michael P. "Mike" Rizer
Executive Director of Corporate Affairs
Ally Financial, Inc.
Home: Charlotte, NC

Mary Anne "M.A." Boldrick Rogers
Community Leader
Home: Charlotte, NC

Robert "Bob" Salvin
Founder and CEO
Salvin Dental Specialties
Home: Charlotte, NC

Brian D. Savoy
Sr. Vice President and Chief Transformation & Administrative Officer
Duke Energy
Home: Charlotte, NC

Maureen A. Swick
Sr. Vice President and System Nurse Executive
Atrium Health
Home: Charlotte, NC

Cynthia Haldenby Tyson
Robert Haywood Morrison Foundation
Home: Charlotte, NC

Fernando R. Ycaza '05, MBA '16 
Senior Vice President
Pinnacle Financial Partners
Home: Charlotte, NC  

Ex Officio

Daniel G. Lugo, J.D.
Queens University of Charlotte
Home: Charlotte, NC

Jane Hughes Redding '84
President, Alumni Association Board
Home: Asheboro, NC

Taylor Cruz '22
President, Student Government Association
Home: Charlotte, NC

Life Trustees

*Irwin “Ike” Belk
Former Director
Belk Group

*Elizabeth Rivers Curry '63
Managing Director
Eagle Capital Management

*Edwin L. Jones, Jr.
Former President
J.A. Jones

*Joseph W. Grier, Jr.
Former Partner
Grier Furr & Crisp, PA

Dorothy McAulay Martin '59
Former First Lady of North Carolina
Home:  Mooresville, NC

Hugh L. McColl, Jr.
Chairman Emeritus, Board of Trustees
Chair and CEO
McColl Brothers Lockwood
Home:  Charlotte, NC

John H. Sykes '55
Chairman Emeritus
Sykes Enterprises, Inc.
Home:  Tampa, FL

*Virginia Gray Vance '49
Community Leader
Home:  Clinton, SC

F. William Vandiver, Jr.
Former Vice Chair
Bank of America
Home:  Charlotte, NC


Trustees Emeriti

Name Years of Service
Judy Allison '70 2000-2008
Betty Anderson '58 1975-2003
Sadler H. Barnhardt 1985-1996
Jean T. Batten '57 1978-2005
Christine S. Beck '64 1995-2007
Paul F. Betzold 1991-1998
Howard Bissell 2012-2020
Kathryn Black 2000-2012, 2013-2020
Crandall C. Bowles 1984-1997
Terry Broderick 2001-2005
Byron L. Bullard 1981-1996
Parker N. Call '68  2004-2006
John P. Clancey 1996-2005
Malcolm Clayton 1988-1997
Angi M. Clinton MBA '01 2006-2014
Kevin Collins  2011-2019
Michele P. Craig '67 1973-1975
Marjorie Knight Crane'90 2007-2015
Barbara M. Crutchfield 1997-2000
David Darnell 2010-2018, 2019-2021
Donna Jones Dean '73 2000-2014
Stuart Dickson  1986-2002
Carla E. DuPuy '69 1990-1994
Hugh M. Durden 1991-1998
Carlos Evans 2013-2019
Frances DeArmon Evans '59 1990-2013
Madine H. Fails '91 1994-2003
John C. Fennebresque 1998-2001
Anthony Fox 2012-2020
Sarah Belk Gambrell 2005-2012
Ophelia Garmon-Brown 2011-2019
Julia E. Garraway '65 1972-1988
Betty J. Gray '51 1986-1990
Kathryn Taylor Grigg '87 2006-2014
Louise J. Guy '49 1974-1978
Claudette Brown Hall '65 2010-2012
Irvin "Hank" Hankins III 2004-2012
Johnny Harris  1985-1995
Aileen P. Hatcher '71 1998-2001
Mary W. Haught '63 1977-1981
W. Benjamin Hawfield, Jr. 2004-2012
Carson Sloan Henline '81 2009-2018
Elaine H. Henderson '75 2003-2004
Ann Hinson '72 2008-2010
William R. Holland 1991-1996
Lyttleton Rich Hollowell '67 2006-2014
Benjamin P. Jenkins III 2001-2013
Helen B. Jones 1972-1976
Lee Keesler 2008-2011
Sean Kelly '93 2002-2010
 Moira Quinn Klein '77  2006-2008
Judy Moore Leonard '67 1996-2012
Sandra P. Levine 2011-2019, 2020-2021
Cathy Parks Loevner '71 2012-2016
Vi Alexander Lyles '73 1998-2009
Susan C. Mains '71 1996-2000
Michael Marsicano 2006-2019
Kitty M. McEaddy '65 2004-2012
Ward McKeithen 1974-2012
Sam McMahon, Jr. '54 1988-2004
Sue C. Moore '64 1993-1998
Caroline L. Myers '55 1975-2005
Bruce Parker 1998-2006
Keith M. Pension '67 1996-2012
Martha C. Player '83 2002-2003
David L. Pope 2006-2014
Myrta J. Pulliam '69 2001-2013, 2014-2018
Dee Ray '92 1993-2007
Tom Reddin 2007-2015
Arthur Ross 1980-1996
Sue F. Ross '61 1982-1998
Ed Shelton 1992-2000
David Singer 2012-2016
Caroline Sink 2012-2020
Brent Trexler 2006-2014
Ruth Anne Vagt '69 2011-2019
Jo DeWitt Wilson 1999-2011
Robert Wren 1994-2002
Terry Young 1986-2004
Manuel Zapata 2008-2015
Joan H. Zimmerman 1981-1985


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