Academic Support at Queens

Groups, resources and programs to help you thrive in the classroom


Whether it's a need for advanced academic rigor or additional support in achieving your goals, Queens provides a number of resources to help you reach your potential.

The Center for Student Success

Services at the Center for Student Success are free for all Queens students. The staff of professional advisors, writing consultants and faculty, peer tutors, and accessibility specialists are committed to providing quality assistance to help you achieve excellence.

Everett Library

We're more than books. Come here for quiet study spaces, collaborative study rooms, meeting rooms, presentation rooms, and even a sound studio. And if you need a music break? You can even check out a guitar. View the Everett Library site to reserve study space, view books or to view student resources.

Honors Program

Students who are committed to academic excellence can gain a more rigorous, advanced college experience through the Preyer Honors Program at Queens. Our honors students gain critical and complex thinking opportunities, intellectual discourse and communication skills in and outside of the classroom environment. The Preyer Honors Program is a community where curiosity and intellectual risk-taking lead to more expansive experiences which will challenge—and perhaps change—personal beliefs and world perspectives.

Students must be first admitted to Queens to apply to the honors program. Contact Program Director Dr. Amy Knab at knaba@queens.edu if you'd like more information on the honors program.

Honors students at Queens


Students are given many resources at Queens


Critical Thought Symposium

The Critical Thought Symposium is a year-long course in which every class meeting is a simulation of complex situations requiring a crucial decision. Some simulations are based on historical events, while others are hypothetical situations that illuminate real-life issues. The course aims to bring together outstanding traditional undergraduate junior and senior students to strengthen their abilities to think critically, creatively, constructively and ethically under the pressure of making a very difficult decision. 

GRE and LSAT Test Prep

Our test preparation courses—including GRE Test Preparation and LSAT Test Preparationwere designed by a team of former standardized exam question writers and test preparation experts. Our experienced and professional instructors are highly trained and care about your success.

Thrive Institute

Thrive Institute is a summer bridge program offered by invitation to first-time, full-time students seeking a degree. Its purpose is to support historically underserved student populations in their transition to college life.

Students live on campus for a week and participate in academic, social and team-building exercises and workshops. With the guidance of peer and faculty mentors, they develop an academic success plan and become familiar with the many resources and activities available to them at Queens.

Students selected to attend Thrive Institute have one or more of the following in common:

  • Pell Grant eligible.
  • First-generation student.
  • Racial or ethnic minority.


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