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Change is inevitable. Whether you are dealing with a planned change initiative or unanticipated circumstances, you need to be ready to adapt and effectively manage change. The McColl School’s Certificate in Change Management will provide you with the skills to evaluate strategies that positively motivate individuals and teams, overcome resistance to change, and design change to achieve organizational goals.

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The Certificate in Change Management is a 9-credit-hour graduate certificate. 

Required Courses:

  • TOD 605 Principles of Talent & Org Development
  • TOD 610 Organizational System Change

Plus, choose one of the following courses:

  • TOD 643 Principles of Project Management
  • TOD 648 Creative Connections

Course Descriptions

TOD 605 Principles of Talent and Organization Development

This course provides an overview of talent and organization development, including its history, ethics, literature, and the principal behavioral theories on which it is based. Analysis of the consultation process includes the skills and techniques involved in entry, contracting, organizational scanning, and preliminary diagnosis, as well as such individual and intra-group interventions as coaching, process consultation, teaming, and behavior modeling. Cross-listed with MBA 681. Prerequisite: None. Credit: 3

TOD 610 Organizational System Change

This advanced graduate seminar explores cutting-edge practices and findings in the field of organization development such as design thinking and organization design. Students participate in an applied OD effort that includes data collection and analysis, and client feedback. Special attention will be paid to the impact of emerging trends such as innovation and complexity theory on best practices in change management. Cross-listed with MBA 682. Prerequisite: TOD 605. Credit: 3

TOD 643 Principles of Project Management

This course introduces the principles of project management, examines the core concepts and applied techniques for cost-effective management of projects; the importance of PM, organizational strategy, project selection and prioritization, as well as organizational capability within the context of projects. This course provides in-depth coverage of the project life cycle, PM processes, and management consulting cycle. Traditional and agile life cycles are illustrated and contrasted. In addition, it covers recommended process groups and processes that a project manager can tailor for a specific phase or an entire project. Students learn how to identify and categorize requirements, define the project scope, create a work breakdown structure (WBS), sequence activities, create a schedule, and identify the critical path. Students also learn to estimate costs, assess risks and quality, and produce subsidiary plans for managing stakeholders, human resources, communications, and procurement. And, students learn the broader definition and role of the project plan and all of its components and project integration is introduced. Prerequisites: None. Credit: 3

TOD 648 Creative Connections

This hands-on course will draw on community resources to explore the nature and universality of creativity, methods for cultivating individual creativity, and organizational frameworks for creative problem-solving. Everyone is creative, but not everyone has explored his/her creativity or made connections between individual creative interests and a business career. In an environment of rapid change, leaders must be able to find connections between seemingly disparate fields and functions and to critically assess options. Cross-listed with MBA 689. Prerequisite: None. Credit: 3

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For more information about earning a certificate in Change Management, please contact the McColl School Graduate Admissions Office at mccollschool@queens.edu or 704-337-2224.

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