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Explore how we understand our lives and our world by writing stories, poems, essays and novels.

As a student of creative writing, you'll explore how we try to understand our lives and our world by writing stories, poems, essays, and novels. Over the course of required workshops and seminars, you'll develop your own distinctive voice as a writer and create a portfolio of original work that you'll present in a public reading in your senior year. And by practicing different modes of writing—creative, critical, and professional—you'll also develop the kind of critical thinking and writing skills that can be applied to many different careers.

"Queens ... fostered creativity and taught me how to write. It didn’t feel prejudicial against the kinds of things I wanted to write – which is a very good way to kill somebody’s interest and skillset, by the way – so it was a perfect petri dish in which to grow my career." -Chuck Wendig, '98, New York Times Best-Selling Author, Star Wars: Aftermath
Chuck Wendig and Michael Kobre

Chuck Wendig, '98 with Dr. Michael Kobre


Our creative writing majors have held internships at various magazines, small presses, organizations and businesses. More specifically, some have interned with:

  • Charlotte Arts and Science Council

  • Carolina Actors Studio

  • The Charlotte Observer

  • Charlotte Arts Magazine

  • Charlotte Magazine

  • Creative Loafing News

  • Pro-Edit Incorporated

  • Jefferson Pilot Insurance

Our English majors have gone on to jobs in publishing, editing, newspaper and television journalism, copywriting and advertising. We also have graduates who have become employees in a variety of non-traditional fields ranging from financial institutions to small businesses.

Some alumni have pursued graduate studies in literature, creative writing, teaching, drama and law. Some of our students furthering their study in English have attended University of Cambridge, Emory University, New York University, Purdue, Sarah Lawrence, Tulane, George Mason University, UNC-Greensboro, University of Iowa and University of Washington.

You will also have the option to attain licensure to teach English at the secondary level (grades 9-12) in collaboration with our Cato School of Education. 


Our experienced faculty are passionate about their field. With their extensive knowledge and background, they are prepared to work closely with you as you pursue a degree in creative writing. Meet your professors.

Study Abroad
Extended ClassroomStudy Abroad
Gain a competitive edge by studying abroad, whether for a short study trip, a semester, or a year-long program. Recently students went to Paris to study literature from "The Lost Generation," including Ernest Hemingway.
Mentor Faculty
FacultyMaster Writers as Mentors
Queens' faculty balance their scholarship and creative aspirations with their dedication to students. Creative writing majors have the opportunity to learn through collaboration with faculty members, which include a Pulitzer Prize Award Finalist.
Literary Journal
Extended ClassroomPublish in a Literary Magazine
Students from all disciplines—especially literature and creative writing— can join Signet, Queens' literary magazine, to learn about the publishing process and plan campus readings and events.


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