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Minor IN East Asian Studies

College of Arts and Sciences

History Department

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Requirements for a Minor in East Asian Studies

HST 180 East Asian History since 1400

POL 240 Asian Politics

Language proficiency in an Asian language (completed through introductory courses) or residential international travel to an Asian-speaking country approved by the chair in consultation with the faculty whose courses serve the minor.

Plus, take at least four courses (at least three of which are from different disciplines) from the following:

HST 291 Seminar in World History* **

HST 380 Youth Revolution in China

HST 401 Topics in World History*

POL 280 Intermediate Topics in Political Science*

POL 380 Advanced Topics in Political Science*

PHL 345 Eastern Philosophy

REL 380 Topics in Religion*

*Must have an Asian focus and be approved by department chair.

**Pending approval of the department chair, students may substitute one 200-level general education course taught by a member of the history department for HST 291 (Asian focus).

Total: 18 Hrs. (not including language)


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