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BS in Health Education and Promotion

Blair College of Health

Interprofessional Health Studies Department

On Campus

Work in and outside of the classroom to help individuals and communities make better decisions about nutrition, exercise and overall behavior.

As a Health Education and Promotion major, you are likely interested in the decisions people and communities make regarding their nutrition, exercise, behavior and overall wellness. You may even want to promote healthy lifestyles or devise plans and policies so that people proactively seek healthier lives.

At Queens, you'll develop and implement strategies to promote the health of individuals, populations and communities. You'll learn to assess people’s needs, assets and capacity. Through hands-on experiences, you will learn how to plan and implement health promotion activities and education. You will also learn to evaluate outcomes of health promotion activities, and advocate for the health and well-being through community action coalitions and policy and legislation development.

Make an Impact

With your degree in Health Education and Promotion, you can help positively affect the following statistics:

  • People living in the U.S. are 3 times more likely to have diabetes than people living in the UK.
  • Almost 1 out of every 2 adults has at least one chronic illness.
  • Almost 1 in every 3 children in our nation is overweight or obese.
  • In African American and Hispanic communities, nearly 40% of the children are overweight or obese.
  • 50 million unnecessary antibiotics are prescribed for viral respiratory infections each year.


When You Graduate

As a graduate with a degree in Health Education and Promotion, you will be prepared to work in a variety of healthcare settings or for organizations that promote the health and wellness of diverse populations. Or you may choose to enroll in graduate school to pursue studies in health promotion or related areas such as health sciences, public health and health administration.

Internships and Career Programs

Health Education and Promotion majors intern at schools, healthcare settings, health insurance companies, colleges and more. Where will you intern?  Explore internship opportunities at Queens.


Through the Blair College of Health you will have the opportunity to learn from experienced faculty who are passionate about their field. Each team member has extensive knowledge and background, and will work closely with you as you pursue your degree. Meet your professors

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