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Lateral entry allows qualified individuals to obtain a teaching position and begin teaching right away while they are obtaining a license as they teach. The NC Department of Public Instruction authorizes lateral entry licenses on a provisional basis in licensure area that is aligned with the academic course of study.

Only the hiring school system can initiate the process for lateral entry status. This means you must be hired by a school system prior to beginning a lateral entry program.


  1. Qualify as a lateral entry teacher by being hired by a school district. This district will recommend you to the NC Department of Public Instruction for a provisional lateral entry license.
  2. Once you have the initial provisional lateral entry license, affiliate with one of the Regional Alternative Licensing Centers (RALC) in North Carolina.
  3. Obtain an individual plan of study that has been prescribed for you by the RALC.  [Queens University of Charlotte does NOT prescribe a specific program of study for a lateral entry teacher.
  4. Complete the courses required by the RALC. These courses may be able to be completed at Queens University of Charlotte as well as other colleges or universities in the state.  You would contact Queens Graduate School Admissions (see information below) to enroll in courses prescribed by the RALC for you.
  5. Once you have completed all work required by the RALC and other licensure testing requirements, the RALC will recommend to the NC Department of Public Instruction that you receive your license. The NC Department of Public Instruction will evaluate your record and if you meet all requirements, you will be issued a Standard Professional I License.

Contact Us

For information regarding RALC at Queens, please contact:
Somer Saunders
Recruiter/Student Support Specialist

For questions about the lateral entry process or information about this area's RALC, contact:
Penny Powell, Site Coordinator, RALC
Charlotte RALC
1901 Herbert Spaugh Lane
Charlotte, NC 28208

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