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Minor in Latin American and Latino Studies

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Requirements for a Minor in Latin American and Latino Studies 

Take at least two of the following:

HST 160 Latin American History

POL 230 Latin American Politics

Language proficiency in the Spanish language (two courses at intermediate level or one course at the advanced level) is also required for the minor. Residential international travel to a Spanish-speaking country may be used to meet this requirement, if approved by the chair in consultation with faculty whose courses serve the minor.

Take at least two courses in two different disciplines from the following:

HST 291 Seminar in World History* **

HST 360 Invasion of the Americas

HST 364 Roots of the Mexican Nation

HST 401 Topics in World History*

IDS 300 Guatemala: Land of Contrasts

INS 401 Latino Studies Project

POL 280 Intermediate Topics in Political Science*

POL 295 Topics in Model UN*

POL 380 Advanced Topics in Political Science*

POL 320 Politics of Immigration in the U.S

POL 321 U.S.-Latin American Relations

SOC 340 Racial & Ethnic Minorities

SPN 330 A Taste of Literature

SPN 350 Span-American Civ. & Cultures

SPN 370 Topics in Hispanic Studies*

SPN 440 Span American Narrative

SPN 430 Latino Literature

Total: 24 Hrs. (not including language)

*Must have a Latin American and Latino Studies emphasis and be approved by department chair.

**Pending approval of the department chair, students may substitute one 200-level general education course taught by a member of the history department for HST 291 (Latin American/Latino Focus).


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