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Gain the tools necessary to apply frameworks for diagnosing organizational problems, identifying and evaluating potential solutions, and engaging others in the process.  The Certificate in Management Consulting benefits internal, external, and independent consultants as well as those who work with consultants and are seeking to understand and utilize consulting tools and techniques.

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The Certificate in Management Consulting is a 9-credit-hour graduate certificate. It can be completed on its own or as a concentration in the MS in Talent and Organization Development program.

Required Courses

  • TOD 605: Principles of Talent & Org Development
  • TOD 610: Organizational System Change
  • TOD 644: Management Consulting

Course Descriptions

TOD 605 Principles of Talent and Organization Development
This course provides an overview of talent and organization development, including its history, ethics, literature, and the principal behavioral theories on which it is based. Analysis of the consultation process includes the skills and techniques involved in entry, contracting, organizational scanning, and preliminary diagnosis, as well as such individual and intra-group interventions as coaching, process consultation, teaming, and behavior modeling. Cross-listed with MBA 681. Prerequisite: None. Credit: 3

TOD 610 Organizational System Change
This advanced graduate seminar explores cutting-edge practices and findings in the field of organization development such as design thinking and organization design. Students participate in an applied OD effort that includes data collection and analysis, and client feedback. Special attention will be paid to the impact of emerging trends such as innovation and complexity theory on best practices in change management. Cross-listed with MBA 682. Prerequisite: TOD 605. Credit: 3

TOD 644 Management Consulting
This course introduces the concepts, methods, skills, and attributes required for effective consultation in organizations, both from an internal and external role. Beyond a mere knowledge base, the course is designed to develop skill in dialogue and consulting, with a particular emphasis on attitude development through the application of Action Research and Process Consultation models in an ethical context. Additional focus is on issues of practice development and management such as client identification, marketing, partnering, contracting, and client relationship management. Cross-listed with MBA 685. Prerequisite: TOD 605. Credit: 3

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For more information about earning a Certificate in Management Consulting, please contact the McColl School Graduate Admissions Office at mccollschool@queens.edu or 704-337-2224.

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