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The study of philosophy and religion engages students in a rich, comprehensive, and critical investigation of a range of religious and philosophical perspectives.

The combined major builds critical thinking and communication skills that are vital both to the workplace and to civic society. A broad inquiry into patterns of thought, meaning-making, and worldviews both sharpens and deepens students’ ability to bring both mind and heart to a range of careers and courses of graduate study--from law to public policy to religious vocational training. Our students graduate poised to participate thoughtfully, actively, and constructively in their local, national, and global communities.

Philosophy majors nationwide average at or near the top of the LSAT test for law school admission.


Students pursuing a major in philosophy and religion find a wide variety of internships related to their major and potential vocations. Placements have included internships in schools, community- and faith-based organizations, law offices and other private sector setting, and academic research.

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With close attention given to critical thinking, communication, ethical living, and problem-solving, students acquire a depth of thought that is invaluable for a wide variety of careers, including law, journalism, religious and civic service, teaching, and business. The major also prepares students well for graduate work in philosophy and religious studies, as well as law school and seminary or divinity school.

Service Opportunities

Ninety percent of Queens students will engage in service during their college years. Our department is closely linked to many service opportunities through partnerships with organizations like Room in the Inn (support for the homeless), Sedgefield Elementary School and The Grove (an afterschool children’s program).

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Make friends with groups like Ratio Christi, Salam, Hillel, Campus Crusade for Christ and Young Life.

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Philosophy study abroad program
Extended ClassroomStudy Abroad
Philosophy majors have unforgettable international experiences. Recent students have studied in China, visiting Confucian temples and even hiking Buddhist and Taoist sacred mountains.
Ethics Bowl philosophy competition
Extended ClassroomEthics Bowl
Ethics Bowl is a statewide competition that gives students an opportunity to think instinctively and collaboratively about how to make ethical decisions, while giving them a chance to meet leaders from across the state who serve as judges.
Cheryl Gregory
Student StoryCheryl Gregory '17
"When I pursued philosophy, things began to click for me. I began to understand the bigger picture. The self. The soul. The world. Societies and how they’re formed. And it’ll take me into Duke in the fall into my master's program."

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