BA IN Professional Writing and Rhetoric

College of Arts and Sciences

English and Creative Writing Department

On Campus

Develop skills in writing and storytelling across all media to be prepared for a career as a professional writer.

In virtually every study of the skills that are most in demand by employers, effective writing is at or near the top of the list. No matter how technology advances, any organization will always require good writers. The professional writing and rhetoric major responds to this need. You'll develop skills in writing and storytelling across all media, and you'll be prepared for a career as a professional writer in many different settings. This major will strengthen not only writing, but your understanding of the science behind writing.

When You Graduate

Queens students in writing and literature have worked in publishing, editing, newspaper and television journalism, copywriting and advertising. We also have graduates who have become employees in a variety of non-traditional fields ranging from financial institutions to small businesses.

Some of our alums have pursued graduate degrees in literature, creative writing, teaching, drama and law, furthering their studies at Purdue, Sarah Lawrence, University of New Orleans, George Mason University, UNC-Greensboro, University of Iowa, Simmons College, and University of Washington. 

Sample Classes

  • Introduction to Professional Writing
  • Composition Theory Practicum
  • Digital Media Production
  • Topics in Advanced Rhetoric

Commonly Paired Minors

Study abroad program
Extended ClassroomStudy Abroad
Give your studies a global perspective. Recently, students studied "The Lost Generation" in the classroom, then traveled to Paris to see first-hand where Hemingway, Fitzgerald and others penned their great works.
Extended ClassroomInternships
Opportunities for internships in professional writing include non-profit agencies, corporate communications positions, and government agencies.
Signet literary journal
Extended ClassroomLiterary Journal
Calling all creative writers: join Signet, Queens' literary magazine, to learn about the publishing process and to work with other writers to plan campus readings and events.


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