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Attracting and retaining talent is one of the top challenges organizations face today. The McColl School’s Certificate in Talent Management helps managers and human resource professionals to build an inclusive organizational culture and implement approaches to attract, engage, and develop diverse talent in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving environment.

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The Certificate in Talent Management is a 9-credit-hour graduate certificate.

Required Courses

  • TOD 630: People Analytics - Optimizing Human Capital with Data
  • TOD 635: Talent Management
  • TOD 645: Talent Strategies

Course Descriptions

TOD 630: People Analytics - Optimizing Human Capital with Data
People analytics is a data-driven and evidence-based approach to improve people-related decisions connected to individual and organizational success. The hands-on course design guides understanding of the role of data and technology in talent and human capital management. The course uses a blend of practical examples followed by applications to internal organization topics like recruiting, performance evaluation, leadership, hiring and promotion, job design, workforce planning, compensation, employee engagement, diversity, and collaboration. The course does not equip you to be a data scientist, but rather provides a foundation of the knowledge, skills, and understanding needed to be critical consumers of talent management data. Students understand how and when hard data is used to make organization-based decisions—providing the opportunity to position yourself as a strategic partner in an organization’s talent management decisions. Credit: 3

TOD 635: Talent Management
One of the primary responsibilities of human resources and managers at all levels is managing talent throughout the employee lifecycle. Human resource management spans the employee life-cycle and requires a keen awareness of individual and organizational issues and strategies. Topics covered include recruitment, selection, on-boarding, career planning, job/competency analysis, performance management, development, retention, retirement, voluntary and involuntary separation, downsizing, compensation and reward, and labor-management relations. Cross-listed with MBA 675. Prerequisite: None. Credit: 3

TOD 645: Talent Strategies
This course provides an overview of talent and organization development, including its history, ethics, literature, and the principal behavioral theories on which it is based. Analysis of the consultation process includes the skills and techniques involved in entry, contracting, organizational scanning, and preliminary diagnosis, as well as such individual and intra-group interventions as coaching, process consultation, teaming, and behavior modeling. Cross-listed with MBA 681. Prerequisite: None. Credit: 3

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For more information about earning a certificate in Talent Management, please contact the McColl School Graduate Admissions Office at mccollschool@queens.edu or 704-337-2224.

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