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In the liberal arts tradition, Queens offers academic programs designed to pique curiosity, engage the imagination, encourage questions and prepare students for leadership in a complex world. Queens' College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) strives to serve the university and the community as an intellectual and cultural hub that connects the arts, sciences and humanities.

A cornerstone of Queens' academic model is the John Belk International Program as well as a robust internship program, which give our students a unique edge over peer schools. Lectures and campus events challenge and enhance our students' learning.

To meet the ever-changing demands of the professional landscape, the College of Arts and Sciences offers a wide variety of majors, minors and concentrations—from music to biochemistry to legal studies. 

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Gabrielle Frens, College of Arts and Sciences

"The professors within the the College of Arts and Sciences challenge me to be creative, to try new things, and to learn as much as I can. I hope to graduate with a degree in music therapy and I look forward to working in the field."

- Gabrielle Frens '22

The College of Arts and Sciences believes strongly in nurturing every student's potential, enabling them to thrive in the classroom and into the future. With small classes, challenging and innovative curriculum, research opportunities, sense of community, award-winning faculty-mentors, Queens offers boundless opportunities right in the heart of a dynamic city.

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Broom and Farr Playhead Photo

Kaylee Broome '22 and Amaya Farr '22 have bonded over their shared passions and similar personas since their first day as freshmen at Queens. Now, in a bittersweet separation, the two first-generation students are headed to two different medical schools.

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