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BBA Learning Outcomes


Graduates will understand effective leadership techniques, including aspects of character and ethical decision-making. Students will:

  • Complete a written assignment on key components of leadership to demonstrate knowledge of leadership techniques.
  • Demonstrate ethical decision making through an examination in business core courses that will include questions specifically designed by an independent source.

Graduates will demonstrate competency in the business disciplines. Students will:

  • Demonstrate marketing, finance and accounting knowledge through a case analysis, which shows the ability to integrate information from each subject area.

Graduates will demonstrate an understanding of the importance and relevance of multicultural & diversity issues in business. Students will:

  • Demonstrate a knowledge of how global issues, including multicultural and diversity concerns, affect business via specific questions.

Graduates will communicate competently in a business environment. Students will:

  • Demonstrate the ability to deliver a competent oral presentation with accompanying visuals in a business core course.
  • Complete a written assignment in the writing intensive course for business majors.

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