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Leadership Passport Program

LEAPP sets future leaders apart in a competitive job market


The Leadership Passport Program (LEAPP) provides a roadmap to maximize your experience in the McColl School of Business that will build your skills and abilities as future leaders and set you apart in a competitive job market.


LEAPP focuses on 6 competencies that we believe all McColl students should develop while at Queens. These competencies were developed through employer, alumni, and student feedback and are linked to NACE Career Readiness Competencies, AACSB Standards, and the McColl School’s Mission and Vision.

Career ReadinessCareer Readiness:

Experience professional development opportunities that will help you achieve your career goals by securing internships and jobs. This competency is centered on professional development skills and strategies such as networking, interviewing, and developing your online presence to enhance your competitiveness in the marketplace.

Critical & Innovative ThinkingCritical & Innovative Thinking:

Seek ways to develop compelling arguments by actively conceptualizing, analyzing, and creatively evaluating information and experiences. This competency focuses on problem solving, decision making, and developing an entrepreneurial mindset.

Teamwork Icon CompetencyInterpersonal & Team Effectiveness:

Assess and learn effective skills and behaviors for building interpersonal relationships when working with and leading others or teams. This competency focuses on self-awareness, wellness, communication, and teamwork.

Ethical Leadership & Civic EngagementEthical Leadership & Civic Engagement:

Develop traits, behaviors, and skills to enhance your effectiveness in business and civic environments. This competency is centered on serving your community and learning how to become an ethical leader who can motivate and guide others to achieve common goals.

Global CitizenshipGlobal Citizenship:

Seek to develop your awareness and participation as a global citizen. This competency focuses on cultural awareness, social responsibility, and diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice.

Technology & Information LiteracyTechnology & Information Literacy:

Develop your technical abilities for competing in the digital age. This competency focuses on quantitative decision-making, building technical skills, and analyzing and interpreting data.

How It Works

LEAPP serves as a hub for all co-curricular activities occurring within the McColl School and across Queens’ campus. Each activity is linked to one of the six competencies. As you complete activities within each competency, you will earn points and badges that showcase the competencies that you are developing.

LEAPP is powered by Suitable, an app and website that helps you track your progress in real-time throughout the program.

Activity Types

  • Events: Events will include major speakers, workshops, and employer information sessions. Scan the QR code at the event to earn points in LEAPP.
  • Tasks: Tasks will require you to submit a file or write a brief reflection. Examples include submitting a certificate for completing a LinkedIn Learning course; writing a short reflection about your participation in the L.E.A.D. program; or submitting a screenshot of your completed Handshake profile. You will earn points once the submission is reviewed and approved.

Points and Levels

You receive points for completing an activity. Each activity is assigned a level of 1-5 based on the anticipated time and effort required to complete the activity. The higher the level, the more points you earn.

You can track the points you have earned on your Suitable dashboard and compete against your peers in the Monthly LEAPP Leaderboard Challenge.

Badges & Rewards

Achievement Badges are what you are working towards throughout the program. You can showcase these badges on LinkedIn and to employers to highlight your accomplishments. You also earn rewards for completing each badge.

Take the Lead with LEAPP

Getting Started: Take the Lead with LEAPP!
Complete four activities as outlined in Suitable. This badge demonstrates that you understand how to use Suitable and are ready to start working towards other badges.

Reward: McColl sunglasses


LEAPP Exposure:
Complete one Level 1 activity in each competency to earn this badge. This badge demonstrates that you have been exposed to each of the LEAPP competencies.

Reward: Your choice of McColl swag


LEAPP Participation:
Complete one Level 2 activity in each competency to earn this badge. This badge demonstrates that you have started participating in each LEAPP competency.

Reward: Credit to the Coffee House


LEAPP Engagement:
Complete one Level 3 activity in each competency to earn this badge. This badge demonstrates a higher level of involvement in activities and results in the development of your skills within each competency.

Reward: McColl Padfolio


LEAPP Mastery:
Complete one Level 4 activity in each competency to earn this badge. This badge demonstrates that you have developed an advanced level of knowledge of each LEAPP competency.

Reward: Digital Certificate signed by the Dean of the McColl School

LEAPP Leader

LEAPP Leader:
LEAPP Leaders have put significant time and effort into their own development as well as demonstrated a practical proficiency in each of the LEAPP competencies. LEAPP Leaders have completed all badges.

Reward: Graduation cord; Name on Leader plaque hung in the McColl School.

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