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We offer possibilities, opportunities, and transformative experiences to our students and then guide them to reflect upon and understand what they're learning, why it matters, and how to tell that story to others.

Here at Queens, our students are deeply invested and engaged on campus, both in and out of the classroom. But students don’t learn and grow just because they have great experiences.  They learn and grow when they reflect upon and represent those experiences to others. We facilitate this learning process through Portfolium, a digital portfolio system whereby students capture, archive, explore, and showcase their Yes/And experiences for any audience online, including employers and graduate schools. Through artifacts of learning such as papers, presentations, projects, audio and video files, stories, designs, sketches, photo galleries, etc., our students make their learning visible and tell the story of who they are, what they know, and what they can do. This distinguishes them among peers and positions them for post-degree success.

Additional information about how we utilize Portfolium to help students deepen and represent their learning can be found here.

Five Key Yes/And Attributes

As they seek to understand and make meaning of their learning experiences, students are encouraged to connect their learning and growth to 5 attributes that characterize a Queens graduate:

Honorably Engaged
Honorable Engagement:

A Queens graduate acts with integrity and compassion and has the courage to enact these values in a variety of situations and communities.

Agile Thinking
Agile Thinking:

A Queens graduate can think creatively and respond with insight when faced with new situations, ideas, and information.

Civic Mindedness
Civic Mindedness:

A Queens graduate is civically minded and engaged, with the knowledge, skills, and civic identity necessary to engage effectively in local, state, and national contexts.

Professionally Adept
Professional Adeptness:

A Queens graduate demonstrates a strong understanding of the skills, knowledge, and attitudes associated with a professional setting and possesses the initiative to positively contribute to that environment.

Globally Minded
Global Mindedness:

A Queens graduate is globally minded and engaged, with the intercultural competence, humility, and confidence necessary to skillfully navigate an increasingly connected and diverse world. 

"Ultimately, the point of Yes/And is for students to understand and articulate the meaning and importance of their learning experiences. This is not about students doing more things. It’s about students thoughtfully exploring what’s already happening in and out of the classroom, and then telling that story to others in a compelling way." - Daniel Terry, Ed.D., Director of Yes/And Initiative
Yes/And Video


Learn more about Portfolium, our online portfolio system, including support, resources, and tutorials here

The Yes/And Pathway

The Yes/And Pathway is an organized approach to how Queens students connect their learning experiences to the five signature Attributes of a Queens graduate. We use Portfolium to make these connections visible. Within Portfolium, students provide artifacts, examples, stories, and samples of their most compelling and profound learning experiences, and then connect those experiences to one (or more) of our five Attributes. In this way, students demonstrate how they are becoming agile thinkers who are honorably engaged, globally minded, professionally adept, and civically minded.

Student Voices: My Yes/And Experience

Listen as our students reflect on their most significant learning experiences and tell their Yes/And Story.

Hannah Furman Yes/And Experience


Adam Moore Yes/And Experience


Yuni Leyva-Bedolla Yes/And Experience



Daniel Terry

Daniel Terry, Ed.D.
Director of Yes/And Initiative

Daniel Terry, Ed.D., directs a signature academic affairs initiative at Queens University known as the Yes/And Initiative. He also serves as Assistant Professor in the Cato School of Education. 

A graduate of Baylor University, Truett Theological Seminary, Wake Forest University, and Texas Christian University (TCU), he was previously employed as Director of Undergraduate Academic Initiatives at TCU where he also taught each semester in the Honors College and the graduate program in Higher Education Leadership. His administrative leadership training is from Harvard University’s Institutes for Higher Education. In addition to his administrative work, he teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on a wide variety of subjects, including morality, student development theory, meditation and spirituality, educational philosophy, Buddhist pedagogy, identity development in emerging adulthood, and curriculum theory.


For questions about the program, please contact Daniel Terry, Ed.D. at (704) 337-2446 or

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