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What is Portfolium? 

Portfolium is an online portfolio system that allows students to archive examples of their academic work and experiences in college. Work samples such as papers, presentations, projects, audio & video files, sketches, designs, essays, photos galleries, etc. all make great contributions to a Portfolium account. We call these things “artifacts” of learning. Portfolium functions like a cross between a social media platform and an archive of artifacts, so that students can make their identity, knowledge, and skills visible to any audience they choose, including employers, graduate schools, peers, and faculty and staff.

Why have an ePortfolio as a student?

Creating a digital portfolio is way to take responsibility for your learning and showcase that learning for others. An ePortfolio allows you to organize, document, and display your most significant learning experiences all in one digital space. The reflective learning process of creating and building a portfolio over time deepens your learning AND yields a dynamic product that makes your learning visible to any audience online. Once you build a solid portfolio with examples of your best work and experiences, you essentially have a website that is dedicated to your learning in college. You are able to then send links to your portfolio to anyone who might be interested in seeing it — prospective employers, for instance. 

Support, Resources, and Tutorials

Invitations to create a Portfolium account are delivered via email to new members of the Queens community, and can also be created using Queens login credentials at queens.portfolium.com.

For questions regarding login, usage, tips, coaching sessions, etc., email the Queens Portfolium team at portfoliumcoaching@queens.edu.

Below you will find short video tutorials on how to navigate Portfolium as it is used at Queens.

Portfolium Coaches

A team of Queens students serve as Portfolium coaches. Our coaches have expertise related to using Portfolium as a platform, and they have a deep understanding of the theory and philosophy behind why ePortfolios are such valuable tools. Coaching sessions can be scheduled in 20 minute timeslots with one of our coaches. Our coaches are also available for class and group presentations to onboard their peers and orient them to why and how to use Portfolium.

To set up a coaching appointment with one of our Portfolium Coaches, please click here. Once there, choose “Portfolium Coaches” from the dropdown menu and select an available time.

Ngoc Le
Ngoc Le
I am Ngoc Le, you guys can call me Le. I am a Queens sophomore, majoring in nursing. I'm originally from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, and I'm a proud First Gen student! I'm definitely a hugger and I love to hang out with family/friends during my free time. Some words that would describe me are optimistic, upbeat, and team player.
Calli Romig-Koch
Calli Romig-Koch
I'm Calli Romig-Koch and I'm currently pursuing a degree in Interior Architecture and Design with a minor in Professional Writing and Rhetoric. Between that and my background education in Nurse Assisting, I imagine a world of spaces designed to heal through experience. In my free time, I enjoy photography, hiking, and gardening.
Erin Tyler
Erin Tyler
Hello! My name is Erin Tyler and I am a sophomore nursing student. I’m from Apex, North Carolina, which is right outside of Raleigh and Chapel Hill. Back home my family has two corgis and two cats. An interesting fact about me is that I am SCUBA certified. This is my first year as a Portfolium coach and I’m super excited!

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