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Dual Enrollment Admission Process

Want to become a Royal? Here’s how to do it in three steps!

Step One: Submit Your Application & Other Necessary Documentation

Queens has two ways to apply – the Queens application and the Common Application.

The Queens application allows you to apply directly to the university in a simple way. The Common Application lets you apply to multiple colleges and universities at once, but with more steps to go through.

Other Necessary Documentation

The Queens application requires some documentation that helps the admissions team get to know you.

  • An essay.
  • A report of your extracurricular activity including clubs, organizations, athletics, paid employment, and other responsibilities.

If you are interested in taking dual enrollment credits at Queens, please follow the non-degree seeking/visiting student steps. Please contact our admissions office (704-337-2212) with additional questions.

Step Two: Official High School Transcript(s)

Request an official high school transcript be sent to Queens.

Note: All transcripts must be included in the application regardless of if transfer of credit is earned. An admissions decision will not be made until all transcripts have been received. Students who fail to disclose all transcripts are subject to having their decision reversed.

Step Three: Optional Elements

Queens wants to see you as a whole person, not just numbers on a page. So, we’re asking you – what else do you think is important to share with us that will tell the whole story of you?

Official SAT or ACT Scores

Queens University of Charlotte is permanently an ACT and SAT test optional college. We care deeply about what you are doing each day in your community. Your application will be complete and fully considered whether you send us scores or not.

If you want to complete your application without test scores, make sure to select “no” under Testing plan. If you forget or change your mind later, reach out to your admission counselor, and they can update that for you.

If you want to complete your application with test scores, send us a PDF of your score report to or have the testing agency send your scores directly to Queens using these codes:

  • Queens SAT code: 5560
  • Queens ACT code: 3148

Letters of Recommendation

Do you work with a teacher, school counselor, or community leader who knows you really well? If you do, we’d love to hear from them through a letter of recommendation.


Interviews are a great way for us to get to know you and for you to get to know us. We want to meet you and to put a face with a name.

There’s no reason to feel nervous or uncertain! The admissions team are all friendly and here to help you. They are committed to having a fun time in the conversation and can’t wait to meet you! Sign up for a tour and to plan your interview!

Step Four: Congratulations!

You’ve applied to Queens University of Charlotte! Now that you’ve done all the hard work, sit back and let the admissions team do their work.

Note: Once admitted to Queens, we will do a transfer evaluation to determine how many credits will transfer to the university. Our admissions counselors will use this evaluation to help you complete your degree in a shorter timeframe.