Friends of the Library

Bringing literary opportunities to the Queens campus and Charlotte community


The Friends of the Library is a vibrant organization dedicated to providing social and literary events to the Queens campus and the Charlotte community through book and author events, social and cultural gatherings, book clubs and fundraising.

Founded in 1971 by a group of interested citizens who pledged to provide support and resources to Everett Library, the FOL organization is an integral part of the library and the entire campus.

Shortbread Sale

Friends of the Library annual Shortbread Sale begins October 1. We offer Butter Pecan, Cheese Biscuits, Ginger Snaps, Scottish Shortbread and the popular Trio Sampler. New this year is Hubs Peanuts. Visit the Shortbread Sale website for more product and ordering information. Great for gifts or to have on hand for entertaining treats.


Membership is an enriching and rewarding experience and offers the chance to support Everett Library and to attend numerous exciting events throughout the year. Membership opportunities begin at $50.

How We Support Everett Library

  • Offer social and literary programming to faculty, staff and students of Queens and residents of the community
  • Provide support to Everett Library for books, equipment, renovation and service enhancement. Monetary gifts to date exceed $1 million
  • Continue endowment growth for the Annual Book and Author Event. Board members have raised over $100,000

Join Us

If you are interested in joining Friends of the Library at Queens, please register here.

Contact Us

If you would like more information about Friends of the Library, contact us at 704-688-2708 or fol@queens.edu. You can also connect with us on Facebook or Instagram.

Officers and Advisors

President: Phyllis Mahoney
Vice President: Sheila Bennett
Secretary: Joyce Gray
Treasurer: Roshena Ham Bugge
Membership:  Jennie Cook-Harper, Janine Moore
Book and Author Chairs: Julie Walton, Melissa Kimberly-Blair
Author Search Co-Chairs: Debbie Phillips, Sherard Anne Gates
Shortbread Co-Chair: Audean Godehn, Anne Tonissen

University Advisors

President of Queens University of Charlotte: Dr. Pamela Davies
University Librarian: Eric Shoaf
Associate Vice President/Alumni Relations: Adelaide Davis 

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