Alexis Carreiro, Ph.D.

Alexis Carreiro

Assistant Professor, Knight School of Communication


During Dr. Alexis Carreiro's first year at Queens, she created a Digital Citizenship program as a way to help students see how to use digital technology in meaningful ways that positively impact the communities in which they work and live. For more information, see Digital Workshops in Charlotte Improve Media Literacy.

Dr. Carreiro is also the editor of the Knight School’s online Journal of Digital and Media Literacy. This innovative, peer-review journal publishes research articles and creative digital projects that consider how and where digital and media literacy intersect with community engagement. Based on her commitment to media literacy education, she was a featured contributor to the Dispatches from the Literacy Wars project—an international exploration of the past, present, and future of literacy education. 

Her research and teaching examines the power, politics, and production of media and technology. Her publication “Rollergirls: Superhero Rhetoric in Post-Feminist Television” (about the TV series Rollergirls) critiques the “girl-power” concept as forms of feminist empowerment because it conflates superficial, post-feminist aesthetics with real feminist politics.

She teaches students how media texts are constructed for political and ideological purposes as a way to inspire students to create their own stories—and solve—real social problems. Based on her work, she was recently featured in SPARK—a girl-fueled activist project to demand an end to the sexualization of women and girls in media.

At Queens, she teaches Introduction to Mass Communication, Critical Approaches to Media, Modern Citizenship, and Introduction to Digital Media Production. Her seminar courses include the Art of Storytelling, the Hollywood Renaissance, and Editing, Adaptation, and Authorship.

Her professional experience includes event production (the Grammy Awards, New York City), corporate video production (various, Boston), media literacy grant research and implementation (Austin, Texas) and online publishing (Austin, Texas). She also co-directed and edited a short documentary about media literacy education. The documentary, Generation Digital, was screened at film festivals in 2004 and 2008. Her practical expertise creating media texts enhances her critical ability to read and deconstruct them in the classroom.


Ph.D., M.A., University of Texas, Austin
B.A., Clark University

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