Joseph Cornelius, M.F.A.

Joseph Cornelius

Assistant Professor, Knight School of Communication


Prof. Joe Cornelius is an assistant professor of digital media production at the Knight School of Communication. 

Prof. Cornelius has photographed, produced, and edited numerous films ranging from full length documentaries (Mike, Over Home: Love Songs from Madison County) to experimental video art installations (The Booth, Wired). His award-winning creative works have been showcased in numerous exhibitions and film festivals across the nation; such as the Anthology Film Archives in New York City, Sony Pictures Studio of Los Angles and the Chicago International Movies and Music Festival.

He has an extensive background in media production. He has worked with a large variety of formats and equipment such as digital and film motion picture cameras, digital and film still cameras; lately, his span has reached into large-format still photography cameras. He paints his scenery with lights using exterior, portrait and large scale studio lighting. Professor Cornelius is also widely experienced in non-linear editing, animation, graphic design, social media and website design. Recently Cornelius has been assisting Nickolay Hristov, a research scientist, obtain slow motion footage of bats with high speed cameras for Hristov’s research and documentary film.

Prof. Cornelius’ enjoyment for telling stories with imagery and sound is strong; however, he takes greater joy in seeing his work creating a positive impact in the community. He looks forward to informing students not only how to create digital media, but how their work can echo the university’s motto, Non ministrari, sed ministrare—“Not to be served, but to serve.”


M.F.A., Documentary Filming, Wake Forest University
B.F.A.,Cinematography, University of North Carolina School of the Arts

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