Marco Scipioni, Ph.D.

Marco Scipioni

Assistant Professor, Mathematics & Physics Department


Dr. Marco Scipioni teaches introductory and higher level physics, specializing in optical engineering, and has cofounded a local startup here in Charlotte that develops textiles with novel optical properties. He is originally from Verona, Italy.

As a scholar, Dr. Scipioni’s academic focus is to help establish a new interdisciplinary research program in optical physics, which complements and is intertwined with other research activities at Queens. As an instructor, he is dedicated to designing and teaching physics courses that provide students with solid and versatile scientific knowledge, enabling them to fully appreciate the significance and important role of physics in modern technology and everyday life.

Dr. Scipioni is always available to meet with any student interested in pursuing the new B.A. degree in physics or a minor in physics. An understanding of physics provides a solid scientific and mathematical background, which is useful and rewarding for many academic and professional careers.


B.S., M.S., Ph.D., University of North Carollina, Charlotte

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