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ROAR - Advising & Placement Tests


As you are finishing your finals in high school, we are excitedly preparing for you at Queens.

Advising and Class Registration

Academic advising and class registration will be done virtually in June. By mid-June, you will receive an email from your academic advisor asking you to sign up for a virtual advising appointment.

Appointments will generally take place between June 12-23. Make sure to check your spam/junk folders for any emails and respond promptly. If you have questions prior to hearing from your advisor, please contact academicadvising@queens.edu.

Calculus, Chemistry, and Language Placement Tests

Calculus Placement Test

Should I take it? The Calculus Placement Test is available for students who plan to take calculus (generally only STEM majors, minors, and those in certain pre-professional health programs), who have successfully completed a pre-calculus (or equivalent) course, and who feel that they may have the knowledge to move forward into calculus. If successful, you could bypass pre-calculus and take calculus at Queens.

Business Calculus Placement Test

Should I take it? The business calculus test is for student who are majoring or minoring within the McColl School of Business and have taken a calculus course in high school. Scoring satisfactorily on the test will satisfy a required course - MAT 111 Business Calculus.

Language Placement Test

Should I take it? We encourage all students who have any experience in one of the tested languages to take the test.

Queens requires two courses in a foreign language (the 101 and 102 levels) unless you demonstrate proficiency via the placement test. If you would like to try to fulfill the foreign language requirement or are interested in progressing directly into higher level courses to develop your skills or pursue a language major or minor, take the test!

The Language Placement Test is available for the following languages.

  1. French
  2. Spanish
  3. Italian
  4. German
  5. Chinese

Placement Test Registration

Opportunities to sign up for placement tests coming soon!


When are the placement test offered? The placement tests are offered from 11 AM-1 PM on the first day of ROAR.

Where is the placement test? Placement tests will take place in computer labs at Queens.  After checking in for ROAR, someone will escort you to the computer lab to take your test.

What materials do I need for the test?

  1. A photo ID.
  2. A pencil and scrap paper for the Calculus Placement Test or Business Calculus placement test.

What if I don’t do well on one of the tests? The tests are used to determine your proficiency in these areas so that you can register for the appropriate Queens courses. If you don't meet a test score requirement, this simply means you'll complete the course at Queens.


Please email academicadvising@queens.edu.

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