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Student Leadership

There are many ways to gain valuable leadership experience on campus at Queens. Whether you want to develop your leadership skills, utilize your strengths, or obtain leadership positions on and off campus, we've got you covered.

Camp Rex: Leadership Retreat

As part of an ongoing educational leadership experience, incoming first-year students have an opportunity to participate in an overnight leadership retreat. The retreat is geared toward assisting new Royals in the transition from high school to university life and developing their leadership skills. Camp Rex's purpose is to expose incoming students to the Queens community by learning about themselves and what it means to be a Royal, meeting new friends, building leadership skills, and participating in exciting activities all while having a great time. Registration for Camp Rex begins each year during ROAR.

The Queens Leadership Institute

The Queens Leadership Institute is a three tier, self-paced leadership program for students. Tier I, "Leading the Self," explores personal foundations of leadership and establishes one’s self as an authentic leader. Tier II, "Leading with Others," focuses on civic responsibility, group dynamics, and cultural awareness/appreciation. Tier III, "Leading for Change," is a culmination of your leadership experience through immersion in positive social change.

The Leadership Institute is grounded in leadership theories that have been created and utilized with, and for, college students. The Department of Student Engagement has intentionally utilized the Social Change Model of Leadership Development (Astin & Astin, 1996) to develop workshops, reflections, and retreats that make up the Leadership Institute. The social change model believes that leadership is a values-based process where a leader must explore their individual values and collaborate with others to create positive social change for the community.

The Queens Leadership Institute is open to all students at Queens University of Charlotte who want to develop their leadership skills and build meaningful relationships on and off campus. The Leadership Institute is perfect for students in leadership roles to further engage on campus while advancing their skills as leaders.

The Annual Leadership Summit Conference

The Leadership Summit is a one-day conference experience, dedicated to Queens students and campus leaders. During the conference we will have meaningful discussions on relevant issues within students personal, academic, and social life. Student will gain invaluable information that they can use throughout their university experience and beyond. The annual Leadership Summit is held during the spring semester. Check out the student life calendar and QNews for up-to-date information.

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