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Barnhardt Hall

Barnhardt Hall is located on Wellesley Avenue, across from Dana Auditorium. Barnhardt is located directly next to the Health and Wellness House. 

Located in the center of Barnhardt is an outdoor courtyard that gives the residents of Barnhardt a quiet, beautiful place to study, eat, or socialize. Barnhardt offers a unique experience for students  living on the first floor with triple and quadruple occupancy rooms. Each of these larger rooms has enough room for bunkbeds and a casual space.

Barnhardt is currently under construction. New photos coming soon!

Outside front of Barnhardt residence hall

On the second and third floors, approximately 100 residents reside in double rooms.  These rooms have fixed furniture, but a select few on the second floor have moveable furniture. Regardless of the room type, all students will share communal bathrooms and showers on their floors, and a laundry room in the basement. Barnhardt is supported by five Resident Assistant (RAs) and a live-in Graduate Hall Director.

Barnhardt Hall was built in 1965 and honors Mr. and Mrs. Barnhardt. William Barnhardt was a prominent and devoted supporter of the University and served as a member of the Board of Trustees.

Room Dimensions

Please keep in mind these are general estimates as room sizes and furniture may vary slightly based on location within the building and furniture replacement. Furniture is measured in inches while room dimensions are in feet.

Built-in Furniture

Room Dimensions: 19ft x 13.5ft
Bed frame: 76L x 37W x 14H
Mattress: 73L x 38W x 7H Twin XL
Dresser: 74L x 41W x 38H
Desk: 44.5W x 24L x 26H
Chair: 31L x 18W x 16D
Wardrobe: 40L x 38W x 20D

Moveable Furniture

Room Dimensions: 20.5ft x 13.5 ft
Bed frame: 79L x 38W x 28H
Mattress: 79L x 38W x 7H Twin XL
Dresser: 72L x 35W x 23D
Desk: 44.5W x 24L x 26h
Chair: 33L x 17W x 16D
Wardrobe: 39L x 36W x 18D

Floor Layout: Barnhardt 2nd Floor | Barnhardt 3rd Floor

Barnhardt is currently under construction. New photos coming soon!

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