Belk Hall

Belk typically serves about 80 first-year residents in corridor-style living. This means that the bathrooms are communal style, and the male and female bathrooms and showers are on opposite ends of the hall on both the first and second floor. Every shower room has three shower stalls for residents to utilize.

Each floor is made up of just one long hallway filled with doubles that are in turn filled with two sets of movable furniture. Each room also has two closets for roommates to use between them. The heights of the beds can be changed so that they're high enough to fit the room's dressers under, or low enough that any student could just fall into bed after an exhaustive day of studying. Each floor is serviced by two Resident Assistants (RAs).

The basement is where students will find the building's free laundry machines. The basement also features a large student recreational area room, complete with a pool table. This common room is always unlocked and available for all students on campus to use.

Belk Residence Hall opened in 1954 and honors the late Mrs. William Henry Belk, an alumna, trustee and benefactor. Belk Hall was a gift to Queens from her sons and daughters. 

Room Dimensions

Please keep in mind these are general estimates as room sizes and furniture may vary slightly based on location within the building and furniture replacement. Furniture is measured in inches while room dimensions are in feet.

Room Dimensions: 16.5ft x 12.5ft
Bed frame: 80 x 36
Mattress: 79L x 38W x 7H Standard Twin
Dresser: 36W x 24D x 30H
Desk: 42W x 23D x 30H
Chair: 19W x 19L x 31H

Floor Layouts: Belk 1st Floor | Belk 2nd Floor

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