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Hall Brown Overcash Hall (HBO)

The entrance to Hall Brown Overcash Hall, commonly referred to as HBO by students and staff alike, is home to Rex’s Lair, an open and inviting space that is open to all students. Thanks to the generosity of Jan Hall Brown, the Rex’s Lair space is newly renovated and features a kitchen, a billiards table, and theater style seating for watching TV on the big screen.

The HBO laundry room and vending machines are located on the first floor. In either direction down the hall, students can go up the stairs to get to the residence hall rooms.

Floors two and three house HBO's 100+ residents who reside in doubles and triples. While most rooms are doubles, HBO’s corner rooms are designed to hold three students. HBO residence hall is communal style, meaning there are two community bathroom/shower areas on each floor. The bathrooms in HBO are some of the nicest on campus with their new renovations and spa-like feel. The residence hall rooms feature built in furniture that allows residents to take advantage of amazing storage and lots of floor space. Outside the rooms, each floor has a study area for student use.

HBO, formerly known as West or Wallace Hall, opened in 2008 after undergoing extensive internal and external renovations in the summer of 2008.  The bathrooms were also renovated in the Summer of 2016 courtesy of Mrs. Jan Hall Brown. 

Room Dimensions

Please keep in mind these are general estimates as room sizes and furniture may vary slightly based on location within the building and furniture replacement. Furniture is measured in inches while room dimensions are in feet.

Room Dimensions: 18.5ft x 12.5ft
Bed frame: 80W x 36D x 60H
Mattress: 36W x 80D x 6H XL Twin
Ladder 16W x 2D x 68H
Bed shelf: 24W x 12D x 15H
Dresser: 36W x 24D x 30H
Desk: 42W x 24D x 30H
Desk board: 42W x 75D x 20H
Chair: 22w x 21D x 34H
Wardrobe: 42W x 24D x 72H

Floor Layout: Floor 2, Floor 3

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