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Faculty Works with a Diversity, Equity or Inclusion Focus



The faculty at Queens isn't just dedicated to inspiring students to explore complex issues involving race, religion and social justice, they are equally dedicated to exploring these topics themselves through academic papers, artwork and research. Each semester, our professors delve deeper into the layers of diversity, equity and inclusion to make connections and new discoveries.

Below, you will find a list of scholarly and creative work accomplishments by our faculty with a diversity, equity or inclusion focus from the 2019-2020 academic year.

Shawn Bowers, Assistant Professor of Creative Writing

Carolinas Writing Program Administrators Conference, “Dear White Professor: What Students of Color Need Us to Know.” Co-presented with Jennifer Daniel. September 2019 

Timothy J. Brown, Professor of Communication 

Brown, T. J. (2019, November 15). Coffee & inclusion: Film screening of “Being heard: the making of the DICR board.” Panel presentation at the annual conference of the National Communication Association, Baltimore. 

Forney, S., & Brown, T.J. (2018). More than a game: Fulfilling expectations and inscriptions in the career of LeBron James. The Western Journal of Black Studies, 42(3-4), 97-112. Published in the fall 2019.

Ivan Depeña, Assistant Professor of Design

Exhibitions and Creative Works

Magazine cover. Work selected for the cover image of a Latino Publication (“Lapse Miami” image). Spring2020 

Book publication (Catalog): “Vide Y Obra De Una Idea”. Mosquera Collection exhibition. Buenos Aires. Fall 2019

Caroline Grego, Assistant Professor of History 

Grego, Caroline. "Black Autonomy, Red Cross Recovery, and White Backlash after the Great Sea Island Storm of 1893." Journal of Southern History, vol. 85 no. 4, 2019, p.803-84 

Sarah Griffith, Associate Professor of History

Public lecture. “Pacific Crossings: Liberal Protestants and the Fight for Japanese American Civil Rights,” Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan (October 23, 2019).

Conference presenter. “’We are Doing Good Works among the Japanese Women’: American and Japanese Missionary Coalitions on the West Coast, 1870-1920,” Association of Asian Studies, Racial Justice in the Face of War and Exclusion, Boston, MA, March 19-22,2020 

Michael Kutnak, Instructor of Mathematics

Co-presenter: “Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment: Accessibility for Student Affairs

Practitioners.” ACPA College Educators International 2020 International Convention, Nashville, TN

Co-presenter: “Job Searching While Disabled: Ethically Maintaining Authenticity” ACPA College Educators International 2020 International Convention, Nashville, TN.

Andrea McCrary, Assistant Professor of English

“Fists Rising: From Ephemeral and Embodied to Enduring and Material” at the Feminisms and Rhetorics Conference at James Madison University in Harrisonburg, VA, Nov. 2019

Saundra Penn, Associate Professor of Human Service Studies

Penn, S. (2020, February). Redefining womanhood: Exploring college-age women’s perceptions of womanhood, femininity, and well-being. Presented at the Annual North Carolina Counseling Association, Charlotte, N.C.

Penn, S. (2020, February). The transformative power of culture in the playroom. Presented at the 56th Annual South Carolina Counseling Association, Hilton Head, S.C

Roseann Pluretti, Assistant Professor of Communication

Pluretti, R. (2019, November). Digitally performed: Adolescent gender and identity development through social media. Presentation for the annual conference of the National Association of Communication, Baltimore.

Rabbi Judy Schindler, Associate Professor of Jewish Studies

“Muslims and Jews stand on tragic common ground,” co-authored with Imam John Ederer, Charlotte Observer. May 2019.

“An Unsung Hero of Black–Jewish Relations: Lessons Learned from Rabbi Marc Tanenbaum in Deepening Understanding and Relationships Across the Divide,” CCAR Journal: The Reform Jewish Quarterly Symposium on Politics and the Rabbinate. Summer2019

#JewishWomenToo: Rape and Sexual Harassment in the Bible, co-authored with Rabbi Micah Streiffer for CCAR Journal: The Reform Jewish Quarterly. Fall2019

Bonnie Shishko, Assistant Professor of English

“Home is the Mouth of a Shark: Teaching Migration Trauma Narratives through an Integrative Approach," Roundtable Panelist, "Creative Pedagogy for Teaching about Immigration: A Roundtable Discussion of Methods and Resources." The Consortium in Latin American & Caribbean Studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and Duke University. University of North Carolina at Charlotte, Charlotte, NC. March 2020. 

Amy Wooten Thornburg, Professor of Education

Thornburg, A.W. (November 2019) “Thinking Outside the Box: Developing Partnerships to Provide Hands-On Experiences for Pre-Service Teachers to Develop Culturally Responsive Skills Needed to Successfully Teach Students of Poverty and English Language Learners.” Presentation for the annual conference of Association for the Advancement of Educational Research International.

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