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Crime Prevention and Preparedness


Within the last several years, Queens has implemented several new measures to improve security and communication. Queens will continue to make improvements to existing procedures and campus operations as a part of its Security Master Plan.

Blue Light Emergency Phones 
The university has implemented a "Blue Phone" emergency phone response system throughout key areas of the campus. When activated by a push button, the caller has immediate verbal communication with an on-duty campus police officer.

QAlert is the emergency notification system that we use to notify the campus community of an emergency, inclement weather, or class cancellations. It sends messages about the status of a given situation, as well as other details the campus needs to know. Students, faculty and staff are automatically registered for QAlert through the university's enterprise resource management system. To review and/or update your contact information—including your cell phone number for text messages—please go to and log in using your network user name and password.

Disruptive Behavior
A disruptive individual engages in behaviors that interfere significantly with other students, faculty or staff and their access to appropriate educational or work environment. 

Evacuation and Lockdown Drills 
Throughout the year, the university reviews policies and trains on the main campus using evacuation and lockdown drills. Campus Police continually monitor Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police bands and are in constant communication with the Charlotte-Mecklenburg Police Department during any situation that affects the university or nearby areas.

ID Card Access
All campus residence halls are secured by card access control, which also serves as the student identification card.  Exits and doors in the residence halls are alarmed and monitored by the Campus Police Department. Many other areas around the campus are secured by access control, such as computer labs, Information Technology offices and the Conference Center and Field House at the Queens Sports Complex on Tyvola Road. 

Incident Response
The university has implemented an incident response plan to define what constitutes a security incident and outline incident response phases. The plan documents how information is passed to the appropriate personnel, assessment of the incident, response strategies, documentation, preservation of evidence and communication.

Mass Notification System 
Queens University of Charlotte uses a mass notification system, similar to a loud-speaker system, on its main campus. This system can blanket the entire campus and is used during emergencies, or other important times, to deliver messages and updates to the campus community.

Prohibiting Weapons on Campus
Consistent with North Carolina General Statute 14-260.2 banning weapons on campus, it is a violation of Queens University of Charlotte policy to possess, store carry or use any Weapon, as defined in the following policy, on the University Campus or at a curricular or extracurricular activity sponsored by the University, except as otherwise specifically provided by law. Read complete policy: Prohibiting Weapons on Campus.

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