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Student Health Insurance

The Queens University of Charlotte student health insurance provider is United Healthcare. Students can visit the First Student website to view the full plan description, plan benefits, exclusions, limitations and terms of coverage.

2022-2023 Rates & Terms of Coverage

Rates Annual (Fall)  Spring/Summer Summer
 Student   $2,213.00 (divided Fall/Spring)  $1,378.00 $604.00

All full-time undergraduates taking 12 hours or more, international students, athletes (grad or undergraduates), students in housing with less than 12 hours, students enrolled in BSN and ABSN programs are all enrolled in the student healthcare provided by UnitedHealthcare Student Resources unless comparable coverage is furnished.  United Healthcare is an ACA (Affordable Care Act) compliant U.S. insurance company.

The mandatory Student Health Insurance plan is an annual policy and begins with the Fall term on August 15, 2022 to August 14, 2023. New students entering in the Fall term will need to only waive once for that academic year if they have the required coverage. New students entering in the Spring term will be required to waive for Spring/Summer. ABSN student may waive in May for Summer. Failure to waive out of the plan by the due date will result in a nonrefundable insurance charge on your student account. Waiving insurance coverage is done each year throughout your time at Queens.

For insurance benefit questions, please call 1-800-505-4160.

If you have questions on enrollment or waivers, please email or call 267-880-2300.

Deadlines 2022-2023

Fall for annual waiver deadline:                          End of Drop add           Sept 6

Spring (only for students entering in Spring):      End of Drop add            January 17

Summer (only for entering ABSNs):                    End of Drop add            May 23

Enrolling in Student Health Insurance

Once you are registered and have charges on your student account, your information will be uploaded to the UnitedHealthcare Student Resources system. Please note: if you just registered it make take a day or two for your information to be loaded into the system. To confirm and obtain your ID card, visit the First Student website and select 'Queens University of Charlotte' from the drop down box, and select 'Enroll Now-Health Insurance' to start the process. If you take no action, and wait to be automatically enrolled, your ID Card will not be available until after the deadline.

Waiving Out of Student Health Insurance

In order to waive coverage from the Student Injury and Sickness policy, please log into the First Student website and select 'Queens University of Charlotte' from the drop down box, and select 'Waive Your School’s Insurance' to start the process. This process must be done each year. Review will take up to five days by First Risk as validation of your waiver. First Risk will email an approval or denial. If approved print the confirmation and retain.

Helpful Tip:  Have your insurance card, your coverage or policy, and your student ID handy prior to logging in to begin the waiver process.  Review the waiver requirements with your insurance company if you are unsure about your coverage.

For questions on enrollment or waivers, please email or call 267-880-2300.

If your waiver is not approved, First Risk Advisors will email you with a possible request for verification documents (copy of card, policy etc.).  You will need to respond promptly and directly to them within the timeframe provided.   

  • Important facts: Only ACA compliant, companies or a government agency that is a U.S. carrier or an entity approved to do business in the U.S. will meet the requirements and typically obtain waiver approval.  International or travel policies will not obtain approval as they fail to meet all guidelines.  The staff of Queens University do not have the expertise in insurance and cannot waive or discuss coverage.
  • If you have provided all documentation and feel that the decision for denial was incorrect, first contact First Risk Advisors to find out what was missing by calling 267-880-2300.

Please note:  For waiver reconsideration, review can take up to 5-7 business days.  If you have met all deadlines and have a U.S. approved full service insurance policy in place, you may appeal your charge to To be considered for an appeal all policies and waiver procedures must have been completed and documented. If your waiver remains declined at the time of the deadline, you will be automatically enrolled. Once enrolled, there are no cancellation or refunds.

Student Athletic Insurance

If you are a new student-athlete to Queens, access the Athletic Training website and all the forms necessary to clear for athletic participation. There is a required Athletic Injury Insurance for every athlete and it is billed in the first term of enrollment for the 2022-23 year. The cost for 2022-2023 is $500.00 and paid during the incoming term. Please know that completing the required forms for athletic participation is not a substitute for completing the Online Waiver.

Health and Wellness Center

Queens offers certain medical and counseling services through the campus-based Health and Wellness Center. The staff of the Health and Wellness Center will also gather documents of medical care for entrance to Queens University. Please know that completing the required forms for the Health and Wellness Center is not a substitute for completing the Online Waiver. 

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