Student Insurance

Queens University of Charlotte’s student health insurance provider is United Healthcare. Students can visit the Student Resources website to view the full plan description, plan benefits, exclusions, limitations, and terms of coverage at:  https://www.uhcsr.com/school-page.

2018-2019 Rates & Terms of Coverage

Rates Annual (Fall)
8/15/18 - 8/14/19
1/1/19 - 8/14/19
5/7/19 - 8/14/19
Student $2,012.00 $1,254.00 $559.00

The Queens Insurance Plan is an annual policy and begins with the Fall term on August 15, 2018 to August 14, 2019.

Eligibility Requirements

All full-time traditional undergraduates taking 12 credit hours or more, international students, athletes, and students in the BSN and ABSN nursing programs are automatically enrolled in Queens Healthcare Insurance Plan. Full-time traditional undergraduates, BSN and ABSN students will be billed each semester for this coverage.

Waiving Out of Student Health Insurance

If students have comparable coverage and wish to waive coverage under the Queens Plan, they must complete and submit an Online Waiver form by the term deadline. Upon receipt of an approved Online Waiver, health insurance charges will be credited back to the student's account to reflect the approved waiver. New students entering in the Fall term will need to only waive once for that academic year. New students entering in the Spring term will be required to waive for Spring/Summer. ABSN will waive in May for Summer.

To complete the Online Waiver, you must visit https://studentcenter.uhcsr.com/ and enter your school name "Queens University of Charlotte” and click on Waive Coverage to start the process. It is important to remember that the Online Waiver must be re-submitted each year. Print a copy of your confirmation for your records.

  • Fall Waiver deadline: September 4, 2018
  • Spring Waiver deadline: January 14, 2019
  • Summer Waiver deadline: May 20, 2019

Enrolling in Student Health Insurance

To complete the enrollment and obtain your ID card, you must visit https://studentcenter.uhcsr.com/ and enter the school’s name “Queens University of Charlotte” and click on Enroll Now to start the process. It is important to remember that the enrollment must be completed each year.

For insurance coverage questions contact United Health Care at https://www.uhcsr.com/got-a-question or call 1-800-767-0700.

Student Athletic Insurance

If you are a new student-athlete to Queens, access the Athletic Training website and all the forms necessary to clear for athletic participation. There is a required Athletic Injury Insurance for every athlete and it is billed in the first term of enrollment for the 2018-19 year. Please know that completing the required forms for athletic participation is not a substitute for completing the Online Waiver.

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