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Though safety precautions will be in place to protect the Queens community from COVID-19, our campus will continue to offer activities and experiences for students, faculty, and staff. As we renew our relationships and build new ones, we will work together to reimagine our interactions and traditions in the safest way possible.  

Housing assignments have been adjusted to reduce density within the residence halls by offering some singles and doubles.  

Students who were assigned housing in the fall semester have been reassigned to the same building and room for the spring semester. Students who have yet to be assigned housing will need to complete their housing and campus life contract.

Students who opted out of housing are approved to live off campus for the rest of the 2020-21 academic year.  

Students who are approved to live off campus for the 2020-21 academic year AND who will not accrue 90+ credit hours by the end of the spring 2021 semester, should be prepared to participate in returning student room selection in the spring of 2021 to secure a housing assignment for the fall of 2021.


To every extent possible, spring move-in will be a contactless process that consists of two steps for residential students.   

  1. COVID-19 testing upon arrival to campus (15-minute appointment) 
  2. Moving into the residence halls (30-minute appointment)  

See student testing section on the Healthy Campus page to review the requirements regarding testing and isolation upon return to campus.  

Residential students will move on campus based on building location and student population. Roommates and suitemates will be assigned either the same or neighboring appointment so students can be tested and quarantine at the same time. 

Winter and spring athletes will move on campus by team on the following days: 

  • Saturday, December 26 
  • Sunday, January 3 
  • Tuesday, January 5 
  • Friday, January 8 
  • Monday, January 11 
  • Wednesday, January 13 
  • Friday, January 15 

International students (unless part of a winter or spring sport) will move on campus on the following day: 

  • Monday, January 11 

All other students will move on campus on the following days: 

  • Thursday, January 14 
  • Saturday, January 16  
  • Sunday, January 17 

Move-in appointments will be sent the week of November 16. Students will be asked to confirm their assigned move-in time. It will be critical that students and supporters do their best to adjust accordingly to accommodate their assigned move-in time. In urgent situations, students may request a different check-in time. This information will be sent with initial appointment emails.


For the safety of the broader residential population, guests will not be allowed in the residence halls during the move-in process. Guests are allowed on campus during move-in and may assist in unloading belongings outside of residence halls. Guests are also not allowed inside the dining hall -- only Queens faculty, staff and students may enter at this time. Please stay tuned for detailed move-in information sent via University email. 


While we understand the importance of making your room feel like home, we kindly encourage students to think critically about what they could move in a matter of days should an evacuation be necessary. In addition to commonly recommended items, we ask that each student also pack several face masks and a personal thermometer 

Given the pandemic, we kindly ask that students refrain from bringing bulky furniture (couches, futons, bookshelves, etc.) to campus. 


The following safety precautions will be in effect for all residential students to help protect against the spread of COVID-19. Students are expected to adhere to them under the Queens’ Honor Code.  

  • Bathrooms — Students assigned to suite-style housing are expected to clean suite bathrooms once per week and follow the guidelines of the CDC. 
  • Visitors — Visitors are not allowed inside the residence halls in any capacity. Residential students are only eligible to enter their assigned residence hall. Please check this site often for information about move-in and move-out regulations. 
  • Physical distancing — Students are expected to practice recommended physical distancing (stay six feet apart and avoid gathering in groups) in the residence halls or in common areas on campus. 
  • Universal use of face masks— Students are expected to provide and wear face masks outside of private residence hall rooms (including residence hall common areas such as lobbies, corridor style bathrooms, kitchens, study rooms, laundry rooms, etc.)  
  • Sanitizer stations — Hands-free hand sanitizer stations will be provided by the institution and placed in all high traffic and common areas. 
  • Alcohol consumption — Consumption of alcohol will not be allowed on campus, regardless of age.  
  • Traffic patterns — Clearly marked traffic patterns will be created within residence halls and must be adhered to. 


Student engagement will take a phased approach for all student-led events this fall; the opening phase will be 100% virtual for at least the first three (3) weeks of the semester. In this initial phase, there will be no in-person, student-led, campus events regardless of whether they are indoor or outdoor.  

After the first three weeks of classes, student engagement and the COVID-19 Response Team will evaluate state and local recommendations as well as the campus climate to determine if hybrid events are possible.  

Student groups should use new and existing technology to provide their programming to students. 

Student engagement is committed to supporting clubs and organizations as they plan and implement virtual programs. It is for this reason that all events during the spring semester will require approval from student engagement, even if they are virtual. 

Event request forms are located on the student engagement My.Queens page. Once student groups have completed this form, a member of student engagement will contact you to begin planning your event.  

Information on additional phases will be shared when student engagement feels it is safe for student-led events to move to a hybrid model. 


Queens’ intimate campus works in our favor, and we anticipate that all buildings will be open and available for student use. However, some changes are required to meet health safety guidelines. Most buildings will have specific entry and exit points, appropriate physical distancing will be clearly marked, and there will be a lower allowed occupancy. At this time, the following facilities are expected to be open and available this spring:  

  • The Levine Center for Wellness and Recreation including the campus bookstore, lobby, classrooms, and labs will be open and available. At this time, due to federal, state, and local guidelines, 2nd floor fitness facilities will not be open for general use until further notice.
  • Campus bookstore, located inside the Levine Center, is providing course materials to students in the most effective and safe way possible. The bookstore staff is encouraging online ordering (with home delivery) and making financial aid available online to reduce in-store foot traffic. 
  • Health and Wellness Center will be open by appointment only via phone at (704) 337-2220. For more information, visit the Healthy Campus page. 
  • Everett Library will be open, subject to occupancy, density, and physical distancing guidelines.  
  • Sarah Belk Gambrell Center for the Arts and Civic Engagement will be open, subject to occupancy, density, and physical distancing guidelines.  
  • Belk Chapel will be open, subject to occupancy, density, and physical distancing guidelines. 
  • Dining locations visit Dining page. 

Campus Visitors

To maintain the safety of our campus community, visitors on campus will be limited during spring semester, except for authorized contractors, campus tours and events that follow allowable health and safety guidelines set by federal, state, and local authorities. If you are interested in scheduling a tour at Queens, please click here. 

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