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The Dawn of a Musician

The Dawn of a Musician
June 14, 2021

Queens alumna Marcie Hernandez '12 recently put out her debut album

While hunkering down in Vermont during the pandemic, Marcie Hernandez ’12 released her first album, Amanecer, Spanish for dawn or rising sun. As a music therapist who owns her own practice, True Sound Music Therapy, Hernandez said that her self-expression is just as important to her as helping others through their growth and healing through music.

While Hernandez lived in Charlotte, she began taking guitar lessons from John Tosco, founder and director of the local nonprofit Tosco Music. A natural singer, Hernandez began performing original songs at open mic nights at The Evening Muse in the NoDa Arts District in Historic North Charlotte. Though she grew up in a bi-lingual household and her parents are from Puerto Rico, she first wrote songs in English.

“I felt like my vocabulary in Spanish was not quite the same as my vocabulary in English when it comes to, ‘well, how can I talk about something and make a metaphor out of it,’ ” explained Hernandez, adding that her music blossomed more when she began incorporating Spanish. “It tapped into a different part of myself that I hadn’t really tapped into in the performance aspect.”

Listening to the "Light A Torch" track on her album, a song about how Hurricane Maria devastated Puerto Rico, it is apparent that she’s now comfortable writing and singing in Spanish. “A lot of the Spanish lyrics are about me showing my support and solidarity for my people, my family and friends that live down there,” she said. “I would love to have as many people as possible hear the album. …It’s been such a wonderful experience.”

To listen to Marcie Hernandez’s debut album, Amanecer, visit


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