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Queens Alum Harnesses Sports Management Degree as Researcher for NFL Team

Queens Alum Harnesses Sports Management Degree as Researcher for NFL Team
July 28, 2022

Peter Engler '20 lands a dream job with the Seattle Seahawks

by Morgan Williams

How does a graduate from a university without football land a prominent job with a team in the National Football League? Peter Engler '20 says it was his diverse liberal arts education coupled with the connections and values he gained from Queens that unlocked his dream job offer. Just two years after receiving his Bachelor of Science degree in sports management, Engler has earned a position as a football research assistant for the Seattle Seahawks.

"I always knew that I wanted to work in the NFL, so I got a lot of questions when I chose Queens," Engler said. "For me, Queens was a spot where I could develop myself into the professional that I wanted to be while taking as many internships and opportunities as possible with the many sports teams of Charlotte."

In his new role, Engler uses data to help inform the team's decisions. Some of his responsibilities include presenting findings to the coaching staff on upcoming opponents, breaking down the profiles of draft-eligible players, and pioneering projects to help the team stay ahead of the curve in football philosophy and decision-making.

"I certainly wouldn't have even made it here without the skills I picked up at Queens," Engler said. "The ability to write a cover letter and create a connection during an interview, the emphasis on recognizing chances as they pop up, even the value of putting extra effort into personal relationships – each of these have become critical skills that have had a definite impact on my life."

Engler was initially intrigued by the small, personalized class settings that Queens had to offer. He knew the small student-faculty ratio would provide the accountability he needed. As for faculty members that influenced his career trajectory, Engler explains that there are too many to name.

"Dr. Robert Lyons and Dr. James Allen taught me to think of sports as 'more than just football' and encouraged me to get as creative as possible in every assignment," Engler explained. "Dr. Tim Burson and Dr. Bradley Brooks helped me engage my competitiveness in the business world and coached me through techniques that I still use today. These are only a few of the many influences I had during my time as a Royal."

Engler worked in the Office of Admissions during his time on campus. Some of his activities outside of the classroom included completing three internships with professional sports teams, volunteering, studying abroad in Argentina, and leading the Student Alumni Council.

"Whether it's athletics, Greek life, clubs, or internships, I never felt like I was stuck in a box at Queens," he said. "More than simply wearing many hats, I was able to blend all of my different roles and responsibilities together to think and engage from many different viewpoints. I owe who I am to the values and friends I made at Queens."


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