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Bianca Sumutka, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Psychology
Psychology Department, College of Arts & Sciences


Dr. Bianca M. Sumutka is passionate about psychology and has been a member of the psychology department at Queens since 2017. Prior to joining the Queens faculty, she taught at Lynchburg College (now University of Lynchburg), and was a postdoctoral fellow at Haskins Laboratories. Her primary area of interest is cognitive psychology and she has studied topics such as first and second language acquisition, and more recently, the impact that technology has on cognitive processes such as memory. Through collaborations with students and colleagues, she also has examined how aspects of the pandemic may have influenced our perception and how we formed social groups.

Dr. Sumutka has taught courses in general psychology, cognitive psychology, decision making, health psychology, personality psychology, developmental psychology, and information literacy. In her information literacy course, she helps students see writing as an iterative and collaborative process. She enjoys collaborating with students and helping them discover their research interests.


Ph.D., Psychology, Penn State University
M.S., Psychology, Penn State University
B.A., Psychology, Loyola College