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Learn about the schools and colleges of Queens University.


Blair College of Health

Students within the Blair College of Health recognize the importance of healthcare and wellness. Through collaboration, students obtain knowledge on cutting edge practices in an increasingly demanding, ever-evolving industry.

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Cato School of Education

Educators are among the most influential people in our society. Therefore, it's no surprise that the Cato School of Education embraces hands-on experiential learning for current and future teachers. Our students tactfully enhance their pedagogies as much as they are inspired to continue their selfless work to educate young minds.

College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences encompasses a challenging, multidisciplinary curriculum that enriches students and assists them in understanding multiple world views as global citizens. From art history, to chemistry, to politics, there are boundless opportunities for students to become well-rounded, life-long learners.

Knight School of Communication

Students within the Knight School of Communication hone their creative storytelling talents of old traditions into innovative, technological methods useful for delivering and reporting information to various communities in the present-day world.

McColl School of Business

Our McColl School of Business McColl School of Business is distinguished by its leadership focus, integration within the business community, and its personalized and transformational educational experiences. From finance and accounting to organization development and entrepreneurship, the McColl school empowers students to launch successful careers and contribute to society in meaningful ways.

Presbyterian School of Nursing

Housed within the Blair College of Health, the Queens Presbyterian School of Nursing develops our current and future leading nursing workforce to be nothing short of excellent.



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