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Programs of Study

Student drawing and designing

Art, Design & Music

Find inspiration for your creative ambitions. Get a fresh perspective on visual principles, artistic methods, and musical development in classes, studio, and exhibition spaces.

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Business student at Pitch Competition

Business & Management

Your time is money. Invest in your future and become an innovative and valued leader, offering new perspectives and solutions in an ever-changing business environment.

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Male student doing a podcast

Communication & Media

Breaking news – our graduates are sophisticated consumers and creators of communication messaging for our ever-changing and diverse world.

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Students in education class


Picture yourself at the head of the class. Gain experience and grow in confidence as you are exposed to different school environments and build the skills you need to command your classroom.

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Student reading a book

English & Writing

True story – Our world needs graduates who know how powerful stories and texts reflect and change the communities they are a part of.

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Grad students in class

Graduate & Professional

Go above and beyond in your field. Specialize in your industry or explore a niche opportunity to lead or change your professional trajectory. Check out the graduate work, certificates, and licensure we offer in a diverse set of disciplines.

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Students doing exercise stress test

Health & Well-being

Well-being is more than vital signs. From studying individual health to learning about different populations and communities, there are a variety of majors focused on improving the quality of life.

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Student working on laptop

Human Behaviors, Cultures & Languages

Walk in someone else’s shoes. Travel the world through your classes and grow your understanding of humanity and culture while gaining a valuable skillset applicable to every industry.

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Students working on paperwork in coffeeshop

International Studies & Politics

Who decides what’s ethical? How do we address the challenges faced by communities? Dive into these discussions about different nations, how they each function, and the problems they face.

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Professor and student working in chem lab

Science & Math

Zero in on your future. The technology, research, data analysis, and more of our modern world begin with the foundational principles of math and science you’ll explore in these majors.

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Professor and student working in greenhouse

Sustainability & Environment

If you are interested in maintaining and restoring our world, discover how scientists, policymakers, and the public can work together for change. Learn the science behind the issues while diving into strategies different community groups solve problems together.

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