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Science & Math

Biochem student working with gel matter in lab


Are you passionate about science, but unsure which career path is right for you? Biochemistry combines the biology and chemistry.

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Student looking through microscope


Come study a variety of biological topics, learn to apply real scientific questions, and better understand the impact of science on life around you.

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Chemistry hood with equations on glass


Are you curious about conducting experiments, or do you enjoy spending time in a science lab? Do you thrive when faced with a challenge?

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Two students in greenhouse

Conservation Biology

Have you ever wondered how human activity affects nature? Do you like studying animals in their habitats?

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Students looking at Excel data and graphs

Data Analytics

Today, more than ever before, our modern world depends on data analysis to make decisions, evaluate goals and performance, and to tell stories.

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Items used in engineering physics classroom

Engineering Physics

If you are interested in technology and medicine, this unique program provides a path to medical school for those more interested in the technological side of modern medicine.

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Two students working on laptop


Do you know what industries stand on the shoulders of mathematics? Our modern world runs on math.

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Student studying in library


Are you curious about how the world works or about how matter and energy interact?

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Calculator illustration


Minors are a great way to complement your major or to explore a hobby or interest you have.

  • Actuarial Science
  • Biological Sciences
  • Chemistry
  • Community Education in Science
  • Geospatial Sciences
  • Human Biology
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Psychological Science
Microscope and DNA