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What You’ll Study

Do you know what industries stand on the shoulders of mathematics? Technology, science, finance, data analytics, and more begin with mathematics. Our modern world could not run without the foundational principles of mathematics. Because math is essential to modern society, you can tailor your math degree at Queens to your interests and future goals. 

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You can choose from a variety of classes. For example, you can focus on applied mathematics, working towards jobs like a statistician or an analyst. Or if you are interested in lab work, you might want to focus on theoretical mathematics. In either case, with advanced math skills, you will have the tools to work in various careers and fields. 

You can also combine mathematics with other majors/minors. Queens alums have paired the power of a mathematics education with various other majors including finance, psychology, physics, and art. 

How Can You Use This Degree?

In our data-driven world, all types of businesses and organizations need statisticians, analysts, computer programmers, etc. Here are a few examples of the many opportunities available to math majors: 

  • Actuary 
  • Statisticians 
  • Financial analysts 
  • Data analysts 
  • Market research analyst  
  • Consultant 

Highlighted Courses

  • Multi-variable Calculus (MAT 230) 
  • Statistical Methods (MAT 280)
  • Non-Euclidean Geometry (MAT 315) 
  • Mathematical Research (MAT 492) 

Program Contact

Michael Tarabek, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair,  Mathematics & Physics Department

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