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International Studies

What You’ll Study

Are you curious about different regions of the world, unique cultures, or perspectives? As an international studies major, you will grow your understanding of different nations, how they each function, and the problems they face.  As a major, you will also choose a regional emphasis (Europe, Latin America, East Asia, etc.) or theme (international business, human rights, or the environment, for example), or both! With the international studies major you can design your academic path that includes courses and experiences across Queens University and around the world. 

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The major also includes an international immersion experience that can include coursework, language immersion, and international internships. At Queens, we believe in the importance of global learning, and we have the resources to support your desire to engage actively with the global community.  

How Can You Use This Degree?

International studies majors develop skills that prepare you for a wide variety of fields, with an emphasis on those that are globally focused. Among the most common fields for our graduates are the following: 

  • Foreign policy  
  • Foreign service (diplomacy) 
  • National security, including risk assessment
  • Nongovernmental organizations 
  • International development 
  • International business/consulting 
  • Journalism  
  • Law
  • Medicine  

Highlighted Courses

  • International Business (BUS 360)
  • Introduction to International Relations (POL 110) 
  • International Political Economy (POL 350) 
  • International Law and Organization (POL 365)

Student Highlights

Ninah Dickson-Kiraya ’24 describes herself as a “passionate multilateralist.” She is a double major in public health and international studies. She has interned at the United Nations and the World Bank. A native of Tanzania, she seeks every opportunity to be engaged in the global development. 

“Presenting my TEDx talk cemented my interest in navigating today’s interconnected world. So far, I have been equipped with exposure to diverse cultures, a deep understanding of international relations, economics & social dynamics. Fueled with confidence, I feel empowered to make a meaningful impact by addressing complex global challenges.”

Program Contact

Maggie Commins, Ph.D.

Shelton Professor of Political Science
Chair, Department of Political Science, International Studies, and Sociology

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