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Political Science

What You’ll Study

Do you wonder how the world works? Why do some countries settle conflicts with guns and others with diplomacy? How can we address the challenges faced by our communities? With our award-winning faculty, you will gain a better understanding of how local, state, national, and international communities operate. The major is broad and flexible, allowing you to learn about governance at all levels and then focus on what interests you.

Estonia ambassador with international studies students

You will engage with complex issues from different perspectives and through unique hands-on experiences, gaining skills that apply to virtually any professional path. Students and faculty also share a strong sense of community. We learn together, taking advantage of community-based research in Charlotte, participating in mock political experiences in and out of the classroom, internships, and community engagement. We are committed to helping you develop the necessary skills to succeed in a rapidly changing world. 

How Can You Use This Degree?

Political science majors develop analytical and methodological skills that prepare you for a wide variety of fields, from public policy to business consulting. Among the most important fields for our graduates are the following: 

  • Law 
  • Public policy (municipal, state, federal, and international) 
  • Foreign service (diplomacy) 
  • Nongovernmental organizations 
  • International development 
  • Electoral politics  
  • Business/consulting 
  • Journalism  

Highlighted Courses

  • Introduction to U.S. Government (POL 100) 
  • Moot Court (POL 290) 
  • Politics and the Media (POL 315) 
  • Model United Nations (POL 322) 

Student Highlights

Juan Diego “JD” Mazura Arias ’20 says his education and professional work is driven by his immigrant experience to scale social impact, digitally upskill the Latino workforce, and cultivate economic empowerment in marginalized communities. A Golden Door Scholar at Queens, JD was dedicated to supporting the rights of immigrants and LGBTQIA individuals. Formerly a fellow with the Congressional Hispanic Caucus and the Aspen Institute, JD is currently a Georgina and Charlotte Bloomberg Public Service Fellow pursuing a Master’s in Public Administration at NYU’s Robert Wagner School of Public Service. You can read some of his work on digitalization and the Latino workforce in the Harvard Kennedy School’s Journal of Hispanic Policy.

“Queens University of Charlotte’s political science department helped equip me with the expertise and skills needed to excel in policy work. These invaluable experiences prepared me for roles at the Aspen Institute Latinos & Society Program, Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s office, the Century Foundation, NYU Wagner, and Kyndryl. I am grateful for the comprehensive education and practical opportunities that shaped my career path in workforce development, technology, immigration, and government affairs.” 

Amina Begic ’24 interns in the City of Charlotte’s Economic Development office as well as in several legal offices. In the summer of 2022, she was awarded a Rogers Summer Institute Fellowship to conduct original research on the Bosnian immigrant community’s integration into Charlotte. She presented her research at national and local conferences in spring 2023.

“The Political Science department at Queens is nothing short of exceptional. The support and guidance the faculty has given me has been instrumental in my educational career at Queens, and in molding my career aspirations. The faculty truly cares for and helps each student of the department, from providing them with internship opportunities to stay late after class to answer questions. I was connected to both of my current internships through this department, so the opportunities to learn and practice extend outside of the classroom as well.”

Program Contact

Maggie Commins, Ph.D.

Shelton Professor of Political Science
Chair, Department of Political Science, International Studies & Sociology

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