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Queens Professor Uses Creativity to Inspire Unity, Fun, and Respect on Campus

Dec 04, 2023 By Queens University Communications

Mike Wirth, associate professor in the art, design, and music department, recently completed one of the largest art installments on the Queens campus. The towering mural, spanning 3,800 square feet, consists of vibrant colors and is located at the entrance to the North Deck Staff Parking Garage. The mural took 11 days to complete and required about 75 hours of active painting.  

“The mural is an artistic representation of our elevation to DI athletics and the exciting transformations that are happening across the Queens campus,” said Wirth. “I had two goals with this project. First, I wanted to use my creativity to inspire Royals Pride by painting a larger-than-life Rex head and foster unity among our faculty and staff. Next, I wanted my artwork to welcome visiting athletes and remind them that although we are new, we are formidable competitors on the ASUN block.”

The mural enhances the beauty of the campus and encourages students, faculty, and staff to engage with each other while fostering a sense of community and belonging.  

“Our Royals mural is a powerful welcome to fans who upon arrival are immediately immersed in the Queens brand and all that it represents,” said Cheri Swarthout, director of athletics. “There has been so much excitement around our transition to Division I and Mike Wirth’s vibrant mural epitomizes the electric feeling pulsating through the athletic department at this time.”