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At Queens, Amina Begić ’24 Found the Intersection of Personal Passion and Future Career

Apr 29, 2024 By Queens University Communications

“I feel really prepared going into next steps whether it is starting my master’s immediately or entering the workforce,” said Amina Begić ’24, a political science major who will graduate in May with a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Begić credits both classroom instruction and practical application in the field during her time at Queens University of Charlotte for readying her for post-college life.

Additionally, Begić learned time management skills. She became adept at balance, serving as captain of the Queens dance team while also conducting research projects, participating in clubs and interning in multiple roles.

Begić originally chose political science as a major at Queens because she wanted to practice civil rights law. As she encountered more avenues within the realm of her studies, she saw opportunities broadening on the horizon.

“Social justice has always been really important to me and why I’m so drawn to this field,” Begić said.

Along the way, she discovered a true enthusiasm for immigration policy, leading her to focus on international relations and global affairs. Going beyond her professional aspirations, it’s also very personal for her. Begić’s family is originally from Bosnia; she is a first-generation American.

Begić’s Bosnian heritage is a big part of her identity, she said, and her values have driven her educational pursuits.

“My parents didn’t leave their home voluntarily; they came as refugees to the U.S., so knowing how fragile life is and how things can take a turn really fast made me appreciate the opportunities that I do have and the privileges that I have.”

In 2022, she was awarded a Rogers Summer Institute Fellowship to conduct original research on the Bosnian immigrant community’s integration into Charlotte. She presented her research at national and local conferences in 2023.

Working with Charlotte’s Honorary Consul of Hungary Chris Domeny proved to be a pivotal experience in her chosen field by connecting her native city to the global arena. Other internships at the City of Charlotte economic development office and Compass Group also further solidified her goals in the legal sector.

“I really want to acknowledge my professors in the Department of Political Science, International Studies & Sociology for really exposing me, in a very human-like way, to what’s waiting for me after [Queens],” said Begić. “Again, both in the classroom and also through mentorship, taking time out to talk with me about next steps, and also introducing me to alumni and taking me on trips to D.C. to see what people are doing in the field that I’m interested in.”

She expressed gratitude especially for Maggie Commins, Ph.D., Shelton Professor of Political Science and department chair, for her immersion in the activities of Model NATO, Model OAS (Organization of American States), and Model Arab League through Queens.

Begić has plenty of options for her next steps after commencement on May 4. Numerous job applications have been submitted. She’s been accepted into master’s programs at Georgetown University, the George Washington University, and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

In the meantime, as she reflects on her four years as a student at Queens, Begić is appreciative — she’s been able to find her passion while preparing for her future and gaining crucial insight along the way.

A self-proclaimed “Queens fanatic,” she is ready and willing to recommend the university to anyone.

“I think Queens is a great place for people who are wanting to or willing to make the most of their experience,” Begić said. “If you’re looking for something, you’ll probably find it at Queens.”

Update: Since the publishing of this article, Amina has confirmed her enrollment in the Queens MSFA program for the upcoming fall semester. Queens is excited to welcome her back to campus!

By Nicole Ward Beckley