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Master of Arts in Communication

“[The] Queens’ program has been a life-changing experience for me. Each class I have taken has pushed me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to assess the critical role that communication plays in every aspect of the human experience.”

– Rachel Roe ’21, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Lead Communication Consultant at Wells Fargo

Meet Our Program: Interactive, Fast-paced, Career-focused

Looking to elevate your communications career and stand out for roles in marketing, public relations, corporate communications, and more? The Queens University Master of Arts in Communication (MACom) program is your training ground. Through this program, we offer:

Specializations in strategic and organization communication. Our program offers you the freedom and flexibility to chart your future career path and align your educational experience with your passion and goals. Our electives empower you to gain knowledge and training across a variety of areas.

An interactive experience. In our learning environment, you will engage with professors and peers who can help you leverage communication for creative, impactful change across the industries and organizations that matter to you. Plus, you’ll build a career-ready job portfolio that will help you stand out from the competition and position you for success.

Fast & flexible. Choose from online, in-person, and hybrid courses. We offer you the option to earn a degree in as little as 12 months.

No GRE/GMAT required. We streamlined and simplified the application process to eliminate any additional barriers and expedite your learning journey.

Program Highlights

  • Number of credits: 30 credit hours
  • Number of courses needed to graduate: 10
  • Average completion time: 18 months
  • Cost per credit: $1,000
  • Total tuition: $30,000
  • Flexible program: Online, in-person, and hybrid courses
  • No GRE/GMAT required
  • No Thesis or Capstone required
  • Opportunity to build a Digital Portfolio featuring course projects and program-based experiences to showcase your expertise.
  • Competitive graduate assistantships available (Connect with us for more information on financial planning.)

How Can You Use This Degree?

The MA Com degree is designed to help you transform your communications career. Our graduates are well-positioned for success in a range of fields and industries, including:

  • Marketing    
  • Public relations 
  • Sports organizations   
  • Entertainment 
  • Media and journalism  
  • Digital branding and social media 
  • Healthcare communications 
  • Consulting 
  • Community work and non-profit organizations 
  • Leadership and organizational development

Selected Courses

Principles of Public Relations (COM 613): You’ll learn how to construct messages targeted to consumers, employees, media professionals, and investors. This class teaches you how to use effective tools for creating messages that advance your organization’s goals and build and engage the community. This includes audience analysis, message design, user experience design, and the creation of an effective strategic communication plan.

Crisis Communication (COM 640): You’ll learn how public relations practitioners develop strategies for crisis communication with a focus on a diverse, global audience. You will develop new thinking habits and strategies to best craft targeted, integrated messages to a particular audience, including audience analysis, community development and dialogue, image and branding, innovation, marketing, and risk and crisis management.

Organizational Identity and Branding (COM 664): You’ll explore the ways organizations craft and communicate an authentic brand identity. As the marketplace changes, organizations are challenged to find ways to differentiate and gain a competitive edge. You will study the most effective ways to craft brand identity through authentic, strategic messages and visual presentation and how social networks have changed and challenged efforts to craft organizational identity and brand.

Student Highlights

“This program helps you clarify your aspirations. And the support you receive from the professors allows you to implement your ideas immediately. For a long time [before the program], I struggled to put my ideas into action. The Knight School MACom program provided clarity. And as a result of the work I did in school, I created a newsletter that allows me to speak to people all over the world.”

– Jake Griggs ’23, Business Development Strategist, BooneOakley

“One of my former professors [in the Knight School of Communication] introduced me to my current boss at ESPN, where I now work managing the Southeastern Conference website. When I had the choice for a master’s degree, I knew Queens was the place for me – not only because my classes prepared me for my job, but because of the connections I gained and the boost that the degree could give me in the job market. With small class sizes and a focus on equipping you with the skills and experience you need, you will be able to build strong relationships with your professors, which can make a huge difference as you seek work post-graduation.”

– Grace Wesoly ‘23, Senior Digital Production Assistant, ESPN

Program Contact

Lauren Holmes
Graduate Recruiter

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