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Mission & Objectives


To establish Queens University of Charlotte as a leader in sustainability efforts; educate and empower students to improve their world; develop resources to support these efforts; and catalyze a culture of sustainability to continually strengthen our participation in the global sustainability transformation.

Sustainability Plan Objectives

Objective 1: Inclusion

Queens will empower all community members with the ability to participate in sustainability efforts by providing access, opportunity, instruction, and resources.

Objective 2: Teaching and Learning

Queens will deliver a curriculum that provides all students with opportunities to understand sustainability holistically, framed by the environment, science, technology, society, the economy, history, culture, and politics; and address the complexities of sustainability through a variety of learning formats, strategies and occasions.

Objective 3: Transparency

In all manners, Queens will be open and transparent by sharing information as it relates to its decisions, efforts, successes, and failures around sustainability. Queens will also participate in public third-party performance measurement surveys and/or rating systems so progress, and outcomes can be evaluated by internal and external constituents.

Objective 4: Results

Queens will achieve measurable results both by setting specific annual targets and an overall goal of reaching the AASHE-STARS Gold Rating level within 5 years of starting the program. This approach (rather than focusing on a singular outcome such as “carbon neutral by xx/xx/xx”) enables us to achieve multiple milestones, across several disciplines and broadens the reach and impact of the sustainability efforts which in turn will engage more of our community in the efforts.

Sustainability Plan

Check out the comprehensive sustainability plan to discover how you can make a real difference.