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What You’ll Study

Having a strong understanding of other languages and cultures is a powerful tool set in today’s global economy. The ability to speak in multiple languages will set you apart from the crowd and open the door to many exciting careers. Whether you already have experience with languages other than English or you’re just starting out, a multi-language major at Queens will allow you to gain new skills and build on what you may already know. 

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But you won’t just be studying language — you will also be exploring literature, cultures, and their histories with passionate faculty members. Language learning is not just about mastering grammar and vocabulary. It’s also about gaining a deeper understanding of other ways of life. Our experienced faculty will work with you to plan distinctive study abroad and internship experiences tailored to your skills and interests.  

How Can You Use This Degree?

Students report that their degree is highly flexible and applicable in a variety of industries. The choice ultimately depends on your interests, skills, and preferences. Students find opportunities in the United States and abroad in government, nonprofit, healthcare, business, education, communication, translation and interpretation, and tourism and hospitality. Many of these careers are suitable for remote work or the “digital nomad” lifestyle. 

Highlighted Courses

  • Advanced Spanish for the Professions (SPN 380) 
  • Intermediate Chinese I and II (CHN 220/230) 
  • French Civilization and Culture (FRN 351) 
  • Beginning German I and II; Beginning Italian I and II and other languages as demand dictates (LNG 101/102)

Program Contact

Michele Shaul, Ph.D.

Professor and Chair, World Languages Department
Director, Center for Latino Studies

Meet Your Professors