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Philosophy & Religion

What You’ll Study

What makes life good? What is the structure of reality? The philosophy and religion program digs into big issues like how to bring about social justice, how to bridge religious differences, and how to solve ethical dilemmas posed by modern technologies.

Our faculty has combined philosophy and religion into one thought-provoking track for you to discover ideas, arguments, and practices that allow you to see the world from different perspectives. Explore philosophical questions and learn about how religions develop and shape society.

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Put your learning into action by collaborating with the campus chapel, participating in the annual ethics bowl, and serving on local medical ethics committees. Expand your horizon through opportunities to study abroad. The possibilities to analyze information, ask strong questions, and hone your communication skills are limitless as activate your learning in Charlotte.

How Can You Use This Degree?

Philosophy and religion graduates go on to careers in:

  • Religious leadership
  • Law
  • Clinical Ethics Consulting
  • Counseling
  • Journalism
  • Data Science
  • Business
  • Medicine

Highlighted Courses

  • Religions in a Global Context (REL 110) 
  • Philosophy Through Film (PHL 120) 
  • Religion and Media (REL 356) 
  • Thinking Through Technology (PHL 365) 

Student Highlights

Philosophy taught me to think programmatically, deconstructing concepts and worldviews the same way you break apart a computer program into its constituent parts. Communication is also important; it doesn’t matter how great your algorithms are if you can’t communicate why they matter. – Joseph Hines ’22

“The ethical skills I gained in philosophy classes enabled me to become a leading figure in transforming healthcare in Saudi Arabia. As an integrative medicine physician and deputy director at a major hospital in the country, I have critically analyzed and challenged the existing reductionist economical model.” – Reham Garash

“Studying philosophy and religion provided me with a foundation for life and strong preparation for ministry and seminary studies. Through coursework and lively discussions, I gained skills for reflection, logic, and conversation that will serve me my whole life long. In a world of diversity, I have valued the skills of holding different ideas in tension and a deepened appreciation for understanding ethics in a respectful and practical way.” – Courtney Stevens

Program Contact

Eric Mullis, Ph.D.

Chair, Philosophy & Religion Department
Associate Professor, Philosophy

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