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Dr. Kandi Deitemeyer Honored as 2023 Charlotte BusinessWoman of the Year

Mar 11, 2024 By Queens University Communications

Family members, friends, colleagues, and community members came out to celebrate Dr. Kandi Deitemeyer, president of Central Piedmont Community College, at Queens University’s 38th Charlotte BusinessWoman of the Year Luncheon on Mar. 7, 2024. Each year, the event celebrates female leaders who have made significant contributions to the Charlotte region through outstanding leadership and achievement.

“While education might not be the first business that comes to mind when picturing C-suite offices or earnings calls, it continues to play perhaps the biggest role in addressing the most pressing challenges of our time,” said Queens University President Dan Lugo. “Higher education has served as a cornerstone for societal progress – it drives innovation, it enhances global understanding, and promotes economic advancement. As we navigate the complexities of the 21st century, investing in higher education remains essential for a brighter and more prosperous future for all.”

Dr. Deitemeyer, a community college graduate herself, spoke of the transformative impact that Central Piedmont has had on countless individuals and the community. She is passionate about the student experience and is unwavering in her commitment to ensuring student success.

“I am grateful that being the 2023 Charlotte BusinessWoman of the Year is now a part of my story,” said Deitemeyer. “For over seven years we’ve worked hard to lift up the amazing work and impact of the College on the Charlotte community. As president, I take pride in using my platform to share the stories of incredible students who have overcome extraordinary circumstances and barriers. Their success shows the transformational impact that education and college has had on their lives.”

The keynote address was delivered by Dena R. Diorio, Mecklenburg County Manager. “As a prior winner of this esteemed award, I know and appreciate how valuable and important this recognition is,” she said. “Kandi’s career is a mosaic of achievements, reflecting her commitment to fostering an inclusive and dynamic learning environment. As a visionary leader, she understands the evolving landscape of education and she recognizes the importance of preparing students not just for exams, but for life.”

The award was presented by the 2022 Charlotte BusinessWoman of the Year, Diane “Di” Morais, President of Consumer and Commercial Banking at Ally Bank. This year’s Presenting Sponsor was Bank of America.

“As we celebrate Women’s History Month and honor Kandi as our Charlotte BusinessWoman of the Year, we must recognize the invaluable role higher education plays in promoting gender equity,” said Lugo. “I challenge us all to elevate our support of the incredible women in higher ed leadership that we are so fortunate to have in Charlotte.”

Photo credit: Tricia Coyne Photography